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Non Touristic Half Day Camel Safari Thar Desert Sunset

clock 720 minutes
  • Travel by jeep and then Camel to a remote part of the desert, Visit an Oasis and a Nomad's village where the children will be over joyed to see you as they rarely see visitors. A meal cooked by our camel guide over an open fire before sitting back to see the clearest Stars that you will ever...Read more

OFF-ROAD SAFARI - Jeep tours in Veliko Tarnovo

clock 60 minutes
  • EXPLORE VELIKO TARNOVO'S HIDDEN TREASURES FROM A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW • Our tours will give you the opportunity to experience the centuries old historical capital Veliko Tarnovo as well as the architectural reserve Arbanassi. • The off-road tour can be either an exciting adventure full of adrenaline or a relaxing trip in the beautiful...Read more

Private Action Day Karting & Paintball & Buggies

clock 120 minutes
  • Let`s head out for some wild and wacky fun! Off road fun on wheels and some adventures are waiting for us! Take an unbelievable experience with karting and paintball like no other. Done professionally for all ages and...Read more

Private Sliven Walking Tour

clock 4 hours
  • The walking tour of Sliven shows you the history and the beauty of this revival town. Nestled at the bottom of the Blue Stones Nature Park is a town with highlights dating back centuries...Read more

Self-Guided Tour in ISKRA Historical Museum

clock 1 to 8 hours
  • If you are the holder of an analytical and prying mind, if you like to learn new things, if you do not stop admiring the achievements of ancestors and you are used to using their wisdom, this amazing experience is right for you! The Kazanlak Historical museum is rare-air spot in Bulgaria in terms of the glorious past of the Valley of Roses and the...Read more

Private VIP Access Rose Festival Kazanlak

clock 3 days
  • The first festival took place more than 100 years ago, in 1903. Today the Rose Festival is an international event, visited and enjoyed by thousands of tourists and guests of Kazanlak. Enjoy VIP access to the Festival of Rose this year!
    Choose between privately-guided and self-guided option.

    The Festival takes place in the last weekend of...Read more

Private & Unique Sliven Textile and Wine Day Tour

clock 4 to 5 hours
  • Off-the-beaten path walking tour of Sliven. Visit to one of the best wineries in the region with wine-tasting and appetizers. Shopping in the factory store of Edoardo Miroglio who is continuing the great years of the Bulgarian textile from the time of the first textile factory on the Balkans in...Read more

Private Blue Stones Nature Park & Wine Tasting Day Trip from Sliven

clock 7 hours
  • Visit to a local peach brandy making, a bread factory, small honey production and cheese making house. Visit to Edoardo Miroglio winery which produces one of the highest quality Bulgarian wines. Also, Afuzov winery would present us with decent wines from their collection for wine tasting.
    We shall then take the one & only open chairlift with...Read more

Pokémon GO Sliven Private Tour

clock 3 hours
  • Unique Pokémon Hunting tour of Sliven! With so many sights and attractions with hidden Pokemons it's one of the top places in Bulgaria to play and be a tourist simultaneously. Are you ready for a mix of adventure, hunting and...Read more

Private Hiking to the Halkata - The Ring

clock 2 hours
  • Enjoy Halkata hike (The Ring) with a professional guide. This is one of the symbols of Sliven to leave you breathless. Our hike would bring you to the heart of the Nature Park the Blue Stones featuring stunning flora and fauna, fresh, clean air and wonderful...Read more

Tour in Thracian & Antique Fortress Kabile + ticket

clock 1 day
  • The Ancient Thracian city of Kabile is a nowadays Archaeological Preserve located 10 km away for the southeastern Bulgarian city of Yambol. This is a top sight to be experienced which could fill at least half of your day.
    Our e-guide with all information will lead and show you absolutely everything....Read more

Tour in the Museum of Combat Glory + ticket

clock 3 hours
  • One of the top attractions in Bulgaria will amaze you with its huge collection of tanks, fighters, helicopters, rifles, equipment, photos etc. It's a must see! Photos are allowed with our tour and you can take as many as you want!

    The "Museum of battle glory" in town of Yambol was opened on May 9, 2013, together with the restoration of the...Read more

The Ultimate Mountain Picnic on Karandila

clock 7 hours
  • Local meetup and shopping in the local market. Enjoyable lift ride up in the Nature Park The Blue Stones where you would learn to cook traditional Bulgarian dishes and eat them afterwards. Light hiking activity in this beautiful...Read more

Remote Control a CEO in Bulgaria

clock 4 hours
  • Have you ever controlled a CEO in your life- Well, now it's the time. We have a couple of CEO's with whom we are working right now and adding more. You control what happens and where he goes and what he does for you. A clear video is transmitted live to you from what happens on spot via a secure connection. All range of activities could be done...Read more

ATV/QUAD tour around Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi

clock 1 hour
  • ATV/QUAD tours with instructor on specific routes

    • Our tours will give you the opportunity to experience the centuries old
    historical capital Veliko Tarnovo as well as the architectural reserve Arbanassi.
    • The routes and the machines are chosen according to the level of experience of the clients.
    125cc ATVs with moderate...Read more

Skip the Line Medieval Tuida Fortress tours

clock 1 day
  • -he Tuida Fortress is a Late Roman, Early Byzantine and medieval Bulgarian fortress located on the Hisarlaka Hill in the eastern Bulgarian city of Sliven. It's a must see attraction offering plenty of activities inside. We welcome...Read more

Private 2-Hour Workshop of Bottles or Clocks Painting

clock 2 hours
  • Our top artist is showing you hands-on how to paint bottles or clocks, you learn it and paint one for you. Truly fantastic activity developing your skills and taking the best out of it for your own painted bottle or...Read more

Private & Unique Sliven History and Wine Day Experience

clock 5 hours
  • Off-the-beaten path walking tour of Sliven. Visit to one of the best wineries in the region with wine-tasting and appetizers. Edoardo Miroglio winery and Afuzov would present to us their best wines and we are going to make 2 wine tastings. The historical part of the tour would include all the best sights to make your experience full in the city...Read more

The Tombs around Kazanlak Self-Guided

clock 1 to 5 hours
  • Fully personalized electronic and audio guide with all info and logistics for you. Live maps and route for you to follow. An unique product which brings you stress-free travel at your own pace in the Thracian Tombs in and around Kazanlak. Very flexible and easy for the...Read more

Private Retro Stylish Tour of Sliven with Ford Model A

clock 1 hour
  • Seeing is believing - tour of Sliven with the famous Ford model A - replica of the famous car from 1928. Produced in the USA in 1984 on the base of Ford Pinto. The engine is 2000cm3 85hp with disk breaks, 4 gears, only on 6000 km. 3+1 seats, cabrio. Colour - green apple and...Read more