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Seven Rila Lakes and Sapareva Banya Spa

clock 9 hours
  • This is a magical adventure in the largest National Park in Bulgaria. The Cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes is probably the most popular hike, attracting more and more visitors every year. During the walk we will enjoy magnificent panoramas and the lakes start to appear one after another. Our goal is to reach the Lakes peak from where we could enjoy...Read more

Rila Monastery and hiking to the Stob Pyramids- Private Day Trip from Sofia

clock 9 hours
  • This is a Private Tour so you will not be combined with other people besides those in your reservation- there will be a private car and a private driver- guide just for you!

    Rila monastery and hiking through the Stob pyramids with a taste of traditional Bulgarian banitsa!

    If you join this tour you will: walk through the...Read more

Vitosha Mountain- Heritage and Hiking- Private Day Trip

clock 8 hours
  • This is a Private Tour so you will not be combined with other people besides those in your reservation- there will be a private car and a private driver- guide just for you!

    With this this tour you will see: Boyana Church- a UNESCO Heritage sight and National Historical Museum, hike to Boyana lake and Boyana waterfall, stone river of...Read more

Private Trekking in Rila Mountains and Mt Mousala from Sofia

clock 7 hours
  • Mousala is the highest peak (at 2925 m) not only in Rila Mountains, but on the whole Balkan Peninsula. Join this trekking experience and lose yourself in breathtaking...Read more

The Seven Rila Lakes Circuit (small-group tour from Sofia)

clock 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Spend a day exploring the idyllic Seven Rila Lakes on this small-group hiking tour from Sofia. With an expert guide, travel from the Bulgarian capital to the Rila Mountains, the country’s highest range. Be wowed by sweeping mountain panoramas during a 30-minute chairlift ride, and then set off on foot to explore the lakes. During your 4- to...Read more

Private Day Trip to Rozhen Monastery and Melnik

clock 9 hours
  • This is a Private Tour so you will not be combined with other people besides those in your reservation- there will be a private car and a private driver- guide just for you!

    With this tour you will see Kordopulova house, St. Antonius church, hike through the Melnik pyramids, see Rozhen monastery iconostas and frescoes and taste the...Read more

Private Hiking Trip to the Black Peak in Vitosha Mountain

clock 5 hours
  • This is a private tour so you will not be combined with other people besides those on your reservation- there will be a private driver- guide just for you! Enjoy a great hiking trip in the nature near Sofia to the Black Peak in Vitosha Mountain!

    Most times the trips are done with eco friendly cars - with cng engine or electro mobiles, so...Read more

From Sofia: Vitosha - private night tour

clock 7 to 9 hours
  • Night comes and our adventure begins. We invite you to see the mountain from a different point of view, to fight against your fears, to lose and find yourself in the maze of the dark woods. In that walking tour, you can feel the silence and see some of the night animals like Salamandra salamandra or Bufo bufo. In our highest point, you will be...Read more

Climb to Musala Summit (2925m)

clock 12 hours
  • • Take the trek to the rooftop of the Balkan Peninsula
    • Admire one of the most beautiful alpine landscapes in Bulgaria
    • Be fascinated by fantastic panoramas and superb natural...Read more

The Seven Rila Lakes and Pristine waterfall

clock 8 to 30 minutes
  • Seven Rila Lakes and a secret 39metra waterfall..

    Transfer to Panichishte – from there we will take the cable car to hut “Rilski lakes” (2150-). Our trekking starts at 1800 altetude and ends at 2500 altetude at the last lake called The “Tear”.

    All lakes are glacial and their names are connected to their shape - The kidney,...Read more

Hiking The Seven Rila Lakes with option for dinner

clock 10 hours
  • Join in on an epic hiking trip with guide to the The Seven Rila Lakes – one of the most fascinating natural attractions on the Balkan...Read more

Day Hike to Musala peak 2925 m – the highest on The Balkan Peninsula

clock 10 hours
  • The Rila Mountains are the highest on The Balkan Peninsula with Mount Musala – 2925 m a.s.l. Rila (an old Slavic word, meaning “Water Mountain”) looks like a rough sea of mountain ridges and peaks, deep gorges and 150 crystal clear lakes. A big part of the National Park is under the protection of...Read more

Seven Rila lakes to Rila monastery guided Trek

clock 2 days
  • This 2-Day trek will take you deep into the wilderness of the Rila Mountains where you will be amazed by the magical Seven Rila Lakes, sleep at the highest mountain hut on the Balkan peninsula - Vazov Hut (2300 m. a.s.l.) and finally after a descend filled with wonderful views of peaks, ridges and alpine forested valleys you will arrive at Rila...Read more

Private Vitosha Mountains Hiking with Black peak & Dragalevtsi Monastery

clock 8 hours
  • The highest peak in Vitosha Mountains – at its foot lies the city of Sofia – is easily accessible. In this trekking tour to the top you will have the opportunity to enjoy fantastic views of the Rila and Balkan Mountains as well as visiting Dragalevtsi Monastery en route.
    The whole capital of Bulgaria will be just in front of you uncovering...Read more

Hiking in Pirin- the UNESCO World Heritage Natural Park with a visit of Bansko

clock 11 hours
  • This tour is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria-Pirin natural park, part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. In return for the relatively easy hike, you will admire some of Banderishki Lakes and will be able to see from below the highest pike of the mountain- Vihren. When we are done with the hike, we will go...Read more

Conquer the Bulgarian Alps in four days

clock 4 days
  • Enjoy Bulgaria’s most picturesque alpine treks in the Rila and Pirin mountains. Cross huge national parks with broad alpine meadows, serrated summits, glacier lakes, and stone rivers. Encounter rare plant and animal...Read more

E-guide for Any Sight, Tour, Trip or Experience in Bulgaria

clock 1 to 24 hours
  • Fully personalized electronic guide with all info and logistics for you. Live maps and route for you to follow. An unique product which brings you stress-free travel at your own pace all around Bulgaria. Very flexible and easy for the...Read more

One day trip from Sofia: A walking over the Jurassic sea

clock 7 hours
  • If you are interested in peaceful hiking in nature, away from the noise of the city, this tour is for you. We’ll walk in the remains of an ancient sea, where mollusks and sea creatures dominated. Feel a part of the way in the natural history and touch a piece of it. When the empire of the dinosaurs was rising, most of the Bulgarian lands were...Read more

From Sofia: Rila mountain and the Scary lake

clock 12 hours
  • Rila- the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the Balkan peninsula. Rila is a very old name with the meaning “The water mountain”. Rila has more than 120 lakes.

    In that adventure, you’ll see seven of them. Six of them are in the group of Mineral lakes and the Scary lake in the most famous. The picturesque location gave so many legends...Read more

From Sofia: Rila mountain and Belmeken

clock 12 hours
  • The highest mountain in the Balkan peninsula – Rila. Join the adventure.
    Hike to see the incredible landscape, to reach peaks - Belmeken, Sivri chal, Kameniti chal, and Soufan.
    Join in that extreme trip to find the harmony, to discover some legends and tales, to taste a piece of beautiful...Read more