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Angra do Heroísmo City Tour: Half Day Tour

clock 2 to 3 hours
  • Half Day Tour in our World Heritage Town by UNESCO!

    Come explore Angra do Heroísmo, a town full of history and adventures. From the Spanish attacking us to rebuilding the town from the ashes created by a earthquake.

    We will visit the most interesting spots on the town and go through:

    Pico da Memória - Amazing view from the...Read more

E-bike Tour Monte Brasil

clock 2 to 3 hours
  • The Monte Brasil peninsula is located in Angra do Heroísmo, on the southern coast of Terceira Island in Azores. is composed by a boiler surrounded by four peaks: the Peak of the Crosses, the Peak of the Facho, the Peak of the Quebrada (where the whale watch is located) and the Peak of Zimbreiro. The high points provide panoramic views over the...Read more

Hiking island Terceira

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • On Terceira Island, natural beauty is best explored through our exceptional trails! Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the breathtaking views. Incredible photos of these beautiful locations are guaranteed!
    This fully guided package offers a pick up and drop off service at your accommodation location.
    Please come prepared for the...Read more

ZEN Walking Trail Terceira Island

clock 2 hours 50 minutes
  • Do you seek a liberating and relaxing hiking experience by exploring some of Terceira Island’s amazing walking trails? Would you like to:
    • take deep breaths of fresh air
    • listen to the birds singing
    • watch the sea along the way (on certain hikes)
    • take time to slow down and relax
    • meditate in peaceful...Read more

Walking Trails of Terceira

clock 3 to 4 hours
  • we guide you thrue the best sites in the trails, when possible, also we explain to you some of the local vegetation and its inpact on nature, the reason for existing here. we make sure you are always safe and at the end we relax and have a small lunch, always in the company of fun people, that is our goal, to make your day...Read more

Pure Air Walking Trails

clock 4 hours
  • The first hand experience of being together with nature, no artificial noises, no air pollution, just us and nature one-on-one is what makes this experience so unique. The guide will make sure you go through the correct path so you just need to relax and appreciate the nature around you, forget all the worries and stress and enjoy this relaxing,...Read more

Walking Trail Chambre Rock

clock 3 hours
  • Chambre Rock is the name of one of the most beautiful areas to visit in the heart of Terceira Island, here you have the opportunity to visit magical places like the Valley of the Azinhal, the Juncal, the viewpoint of the Chambre among other fantastic places...Read more

Mistérios Negros Hiking - Terceira Azores

clock 4 hours
  • Hiking in the interior of Terceira island, in one of the most popular trails, due to its volcanic surrounding, lagoons. and...Read more

Nature Therapy Walks

clock 3 hours
  • This walk is an opportunity to immersion in Azores nature, and also in yourself. Although holidays are a time to relax a lot of times we end up rushing to see all the beautiful places that our trip offers us. This is an opportunity to slow down, to take the time to truly relax and then enjoy fully all our holiday's experiences and life. In this...Read more

E-bike Tour Lagoa Das Patas | Cookies

clock 2 to 3 hours
  • Patas Lagoon, also known as Lagoa da Falca, is a small water mirror, next to a stream of runoff waters originating in the Serra de Santa Bárbara.

    Biscoitos is the name of the parish that is composed on its coast by lands formed by lava from volcanic...Read more

HIKING XL (Full Day Private Tour)

clock 10 hours
  • Private tour and the time to end depends on you, no rush at all!

    This tour is perfect for you that want to feel the nature in one full day!

    Make two trails in one day! In the easy way!

    know all the trails in this fantastic island has to offer and discover more trails create by us.

    Come with us and see beautiful hiking...Read more

Wine and Vineyards Hike

clock 7 hours
  • The trail begins on the north coast, in the village of Biscoitos and is a trail rich in landscapes and culture, allowing the understanding of rural dynamics that lie there within.
    The different tracks experienced during the walk are associated to all the different senses such as smells, sounds and colors.
    Come and discover hidden secrets,...Read more

Patchwork Bike Ride

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Ride in one of the biggest volcanic craters in the Azores.
    Cross pasturelands, overpass cows and get amazed with the clouds changing all the time.
    Relax and let all go with the flow, taking the island time and feeling the slow pace of the bucolic landscape while crossing the tectonic...Read more

Mistérios Negros Trail: Full Day Tour

clock 8 hours
  • This Tour combines hiking and sightseing in one day making it a complete adventure! It's also the perfect match to our Terceira Express Tour since it explores the west coast of the island.

    We first start at the most famous hiking trail in the Island, which goes around one of the most recent eruptions on the island, going amongst a great...Read more

Full-Day Hiking Tour in Terceira Island - Mistérios Negros

clock 7 hours
  • Explore the interior of Terceira Island, Visit an amazing vulcanic tube builded by the lava. This tour includes lunch, hotel pickup and local guide that is worth booking...Read more

Praia da Vitoria E-bike Guided Tour with pick-up and drop-off

clock 2 hours
  • Praia Vitória is a city and municipality located in the east of Terceira Island, with a beautiful beach of volcanic sand, stunning landscapes, green areas and historical monuments like the Mirador do Facho.

    ? Discover the beauty of Praia Vitória
    ? Explore the beautiful beach, stunning landscapes and historic city
    ? Experience...Read more

Angra do Heroísmo On Foot

clock 3 hours
  • If you like culture, history, visit buildings built in the 16th and 17th century, and know more about how is living in the Azore, this is the perfect walking city tour for you. The tour is in the morning, takes 3 hours, and tickets to visit the museum, Governor's house and the cathedral, are included. The pickup time at the hotel is at...Read more

Angra do Heroísmo City Tour

clock 3 hours
  • The way we pass along the history of our city is not just a tour, its a time travel along the 500 years of our existence.

    Understanding our roots and means of survival through time, is more than just an experience, it's living like a local, understanding the feeling of belonging in our beautiful island.

    We will take you on a very...Read more

Agualva Bay's Trail: Half Day Tour

clock 3 to 4 hours
  • Ocean and Nature in a half day adventure!

    In this trail we're going to explore the most amazing north shore bays in Terceira Island while walking through amazing native vegetation and bird life!

    Pick-up e Drop-Off from the Hotel/Airport

    Category: Circular

    Difficulty: Medium/Easy

    Lenght 4 km

    Time Average:...Read more

E-bike Tour Vitoria Beach

clock 2 to 3 hours
  • Praia Vitória is a city and municipality located in the east of Terceira Island, with a beautiful beach of volcanic sand, beautiful landscapes, green areas and historical monuments like the Mirador do...Read more

FAQs about Terceira Walking & Bike Tours

Terceira walking tours are unique in that they permit tourists to take a closer view and enjoy Terceiras main attractions alongside roaming the local streets and neighbourhoods, stopping off at a pub or local cafe. It's a great way of sightseeing in Terceira because it takes you to areas where you won't be disturbed by road noise and motors can't go.

There are the best walking tours in Terceira :