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Tirana and Kruja in a Day Trip

clock 8 hours
  • Visit Kruja, the medieval chief-town of Albania. 

    Find the best souvenirs in the Bazaar of Kruja 

    Visit Tirana, the capital city of Albania, as the beating heart of...Read more

City & Food Tour of Tirana in One Day

clock 5 to 6 hours
  • This tour will introduce you with local Tirana and its traditional food and cuisine. Tirana, an urban metropolis, full of contrasts in which can easily be noticed the scars from the past and the present. It is a city when fine delicate art of the beginning of the 20th century is mixed with cold rectangular shapes of the communism period and in...Read more

Kruja,Preza castle & Durres Tour from Tirana

clock 6 to 7 hours
  • - Our Tour is unique, because you will be acquainted and you will see the highlights of Kruja and Preza castle ,which were the center of the struggle against the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century, led by national hero Skanderberg. Today, the Kruja castle is home to the National Skanderberg Museum, remains of the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Mosque, an...Read more

Tirana Walking Tour

clock 2 hours
  • Our guides are born and raised in Tirana, so they will give you a tour with insights from the point of view of a local! :)
    You will not only see the main touristic attractions of the city of Tirana but you will get to know about the vibe that makes this city special. This is a city tour that is run by our professional and experienced tour...Read more

Experience mountain Dajti Hiking Tour from Tirana

clock 6 hours
  • Dajti Mountain was declared a National Park in 1966, and has an expanded area of about 29,384 ha since 2006. It is under the jurisdiction and administration of Tirana Municipality having previously been under the Tirana Forest Service Department. but before we'll take Dajti Ekspres, Albania’s most popular tourist attraction. Located just outside...Read more

Communist History Tour Tirana & Street Food

clock 8 hours
  • Just a few days in Albania, you will get a sense of our 50 – year – old communist legacy. Let’s explore together the soil in which Albanian roots are planted. This tour is frighteningly exciting, historical, realistically subtle in a way that life today can’t capture.


    Departure: 09:00...Read more

Berat Day Tour from Tirana

clock 9 hours
  • Our Tour is unique, because you will be acquainted and you will see the highlights of Berat and get a better understanding of the history of one of the most interesting city of Albania. You will be acquainted, how people lived in this castle and how they still live today, what their traditions and customs are.This tour is Unique as the city is...Read more

Tirana Sightseeing Walking Tour

clock 2 hours
  • It is a great pleasure to visit Tirana during all seasons. The city attracts visitors from all over the world. The tourists reach here to have a look over the ancient historical architectures and monuments that remain intact in the heart of the city. Tirana is the capital of Albania and enjoys a beautiful setting between the ranges of Dajti...Read more

Durres Day Tour

clock 3 hours
  • Immerse yourself in the ancient past of Durres and explore the amazing monuments of classical antiquity. Get an in depth view of the local history with  private guide and learn how the city was considered the “Tavern of the Adriatic”. Visit one of the biggest Roman Amphitheater in the Balkans and the Byzantine Chapel inside of it. Explore...Read more

Trekking the Hidden Trails of Albania

clock 8 days
  • In this tour we follow some of the least explored trails of Northern Albanian Alps. It is a great tour for experienced travelers who would like to be challenged everyday while enjoying the beauty of the Alpine Pastures. Even though we provide blankets and mattresses in the huts, you might feel more comfortable bringing your own sleeping...Read more

Communist Tour of Tirana

clock 4 to 5 hours
  • ExploreTirana’s communist corners with a private guide and learn about the harsh late years of Tirana, under the regime of politicianEnver Hoxha. How Hoxhabanned religion and traveling and reduced analphabetism in Albania. Learn his impact on the country and his allies. Tirana is one of the most beautiful capitals in Balkans, with its newly...Read more

Culture Trip and Wine Tasting in Berat

clock 6 hours
  • Highlights of the tour:

    Short Hiking to the ruins of Gorica quarter, dating back in 4th century BC
    Stop at an old Mangalemi house for local delicacies and house tour with the host
    Visit at the Ethnographic Museum of Berat
    Traditional Berat lunch
    Onufri Museum visit, sightseeing at the castle walls and narration of the legend of...Read more

Experience the hike of Dajti

clock 5 hours
  • Dajti mountain is located in the district of Tirana just 25km away, with an existing surface of 29 ha. The area represents landscape, cultural, historical and traditional values. In the park there are many well-expressed phyto-geographic areas: the oak, the beech, Fand alpine and sub-alpine pastures etc. There have been found rare and protected...Read more

Tirana and Dajti Mountain

clock 4 hours
  • Besides the history and culture that Tirana offers, we will get an overview of this dynamic city from the top of the Mountain. We will take a ride on a cable car that will get us to an altitude of over 1000m. Fresh air and beautiful nature is to be expected in the Dajti...Read more

Great Spots of Albania in 5 Days

clock 5 days
  • These 5 days and 4 nights tour hit the highlights of Tirana and the great spots of Albania .You will get a better understanding of history, culture, tradition,heritage of this ancient Country. This tour also let you know a lot of the communism era. Meanwhile, you will enjoy traditional Albanian drinks and meals, to fulfill your expectations .Also...Read more

Shkodra day Tour from Tirana

clock 9 hours
  • Shkodra is one of the most ancient cities in Balkans and the fourth most populous city in the country and exerts strong influences in culture, religion arts and entertainment of Northern Albania Shkodra is known for picturesque views also .The three rivers Drin,Buna and Kir flowing into the lake make this view unique ,together with lagoons and...Read more

Full-Day Guided Walking Tour of Tirana

clock 5 to 8 hours

  • Star Tours we make the bigest deddications even for the smallest things
    ....Star Tours Staff...Read more

Experience Tirana in a Walking Half Day Tour

clock 4 hours
  • A half  day  WALKING TOUR to experience the Lively, Colourful Tirana which is the beating heart of Albania, a city that hopes and dreams coalesce into a vibrant whirl of traffic, brash consumerism and unfettered...Read more

Communism History Tour in Tirana

clock 4 to 5 hours
  • If you would like to know and better understand Albania and Albanians this is the case to learn how the 45 years long Communism regime has influenced the person, the society, and the hole country. Communism in Albania can be compared only with north Korea, totally isolated from the whole world.
    During this tour, we will visit some different...Read more

Tirana City Walk Full Day Tour from Durres

clock 9 hours
  • On this comprehensive small group tour we will show you the best of Tirana. We have included all the sights in one tour to maximize your experience. We include morning tea, a full traditional Albanian Lunch & beer, wine or soft drink. The squares, museums & famous bustling café scene are what make this city fascinating. You will see a mix of art,...Read more

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