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Tokyo is a mix of traditional and modern city that never fails to amaze its visitors. It’s known for its beautiful parks, unique cultural attractions, historic temples, and modern skyscrapers. The best way to discover some of Tokyo’s most beautiful attractions is by taking a Tokyo Hop on Hop off Bus tour.

For those who want to discover Tokyo’s traditional roots, check out its historic temples, such as the beautiful Sens?-ji temple and Meiji Jingu Shrine. Learn about Japan’s colorful past by visiting Tokyo’s most famous museums, including the Edo-Tokyo museum. You’d be able to visit these sights when you join the Hop on Hop off Tokyo tours.

Don’t forget to check out Tokyo’s modern architectures as well, starting at the impressive Tokyo tower and Tokyo Sky Tree. Hop on a Tokyo Sightseeing Bus Tour and admire the city’s modern skyscrapers as you make your way towards the vibrant districts of Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ginza. These neighborhoods are also home to some of the best ramen shops of Tokyo so better check those out.

The best thing about booking theTokyo Bus tours is that you’ll be able to save a lot of time in exploring the city. Tokyo is a massive city and exploring it on your own can be overwhelming, if not time consuming.

If you will book any of the Tokyo Hour Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing BusTours, you’ll be sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned bus as it travels to some of the city’s top attractions.In addition, the Tokyo Open Bus tours are way cheaper than booking a private city tour. Therefore, you’ll not only save time, but you also get to save money as well.

For as long as you know the Hop on Hop off Maps, exploring Tokyo on your own should be easy. So refer below for a free copy of the Printable Tokyo Open Bus tours maps.

Tokyo Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Map

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