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Tokyo West-Side Walking & Street Food Tour

clock 2 hours
  • Interaction with the artwork on display using digital technology.
  • It may last from 1 to 3 hours. Read more
  • It is the latest digital exhibit in Toyosu, Tokyo.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Get mesmerized as you explore the museum and witness how the digital artworks changes at your very presence and all of your 5 senses.
  • Appreciate and experience the variety of ultra-digital installations around the museum.
  • You will become a portion of the artwork exhibitions.
  • What It Includes:

  • Admission ticket is included.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • It is a fun experience regardless of age.
  • It is ideal for all ages and fun to do with groups.
  • Is It Right:

  • The tour is good for any ages however, please take note that children who are younger than thirteen years old need to be accompanied.
  • The tour is not suggested for individuals with light sensitivity.
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Experience all of Japanese culture and Japanese food experience classes "origami, udon, Japanese food, green tea, calligraphy" in 4 hours

clock 4 hours
  • It is a day-pass ticket to Disneyland or Disneysea.
  • It is an opportunity for you to enjoy the happiest place on earth without having to wait in the ticket line. Read more
  • A chance to try the rides and different booths that Disneyland and Disneysea offers.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Ride a comfortable transportation going to Disneyland or Disneysea.
  • Enjoy and explore the grounds of the theme park.
  • Take pictures with your family and friends as you roam around the park.
  • What It Includes:

  • 1 private transfer from your hotel to the park.
  • Ticket admission.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The day-pass ticket is very convenient and hassle free.
  • The driver is pleasant and courteous.
  • Is It Right:

  • The day-pass ticket is ideal for families or group of friends traveling together.
  • Recommended for all types of travelers.
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Tokyo Bay Cruise with Dinner and Oiran Show

clock 2 hours
  • This is a scenic dinner cruise that includes an entertaining Oiran Show.
  • This is a 2-hour tour that will take you to enjoy the panoramic views of Tokyo at night.
  • As you indulge in the sumptuous dinner, you'll be treated to an entertaining Oiran Show, a traditional Japanese cabaret show.li>
  • Read more

    What You'll Do:

  • Get on board a cruise as it takes you around Tokyo.
  • The boat will be cruising along Tokyo Bay where you'll find mesmerizing neon lights of the city from the water. li>
  • Be entertained by the popular Oiran Show that features Japanese traditional culture.
  • What It Includes:

  • Dinner on a cruise with traditional Oiran Show.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The views from Tokyo Bay at night are truly mesmerizing.
  • Dinner served are delicious and there's enough drinks for everyone on board.
  • The Oiran Show is vey entertaining and the performers are very talented.
  • Is It Right:

  • If you wanted to enjoy the mesmerizing views of Tokyo at night while learning a bit abut the local culture, this tour would be perfect.
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Tokyo`s Robot Restaurant Show Including Wagyu Beef and Tofu Dinner

clock 4 hours 30 minutes
  • This is a 12-hour private tour to Nagano Prefecture that is popular for its great mountains.
  • Enjoy a guided exploration around the Zenkoji. Read more
  • Get a chance to see the famous snow monkeys as they bathe and relax at the Nagano Hot Springs.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Spend the day exploring the 1,400 years old Zenkoji Temple especially the dark tunnel in the underground.
  • Witness and take pictures of the snow monkeys.
  • Go to a brewery and sample their home-grown Japanese sake.
  • What It Includes:

  • Admission fee to the Snow Monkey Park.
  • Lunch meal.
  • A round of sake.
  • Transportation to the attractions.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • It is a highly recommended tour that provides a wonderful experience to travelers of any age.
  • The tour provided a lovely traditional Japanese lunch meal.
  • Is It Right:

  • The tour is suggested for big groups or backpackers who loves to meet fellow travelers.
  • It is ideal for people who love to walk, but take note that the area has an easy path.
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Ueno Local Market Experience with Plenty of Food

clock 4 hours
  • Ueno Local Market Experience. You can enjoy riding boats in the pond. Ueno includes one of the biggest markets with various bards and fresh food shops, to make one fine shopping district in Tokyo; it also includes one of the famous temples in Tokyo.

    Our tour starts from within the wide station of Ueno, going out of the station you will...Read more

Huge Tuna Show Food Tour

clock 4 hours
  • Facing Godzilla, we will head to the food street next to the famous kabuki theatre to try one of the most delicious Japanese dishes, okonomiyaki. Do you know that okonomiyaki is known by being the soul food in Osaka and Hiroshima? Well, now you will have the chance to know the reason why as you try okonomiyaki in one of the most famous traditional...Read more

Full-Day Asakusa Sightseeing Tour with Food & Drinks

clock 6 hours 30 minutes
  • A trip to Tokyo is incomplete without visiting the historical Asakusa, famed for its old-world feel and preserved shrines. This region is home to one of Tokyo’s most ancient temples, Sensouji Temple. Here we’ll encounter a more traditional Japan from the bustling industrial and commercial areas — witness shrines, locals in prayer, geishas,...Read more

Half-day Tour: Asakusa Halal Food Experience

clock 4 hours
  • Halal tour at Asakusa. You will be introduced to the fresh taste of Japanese style Halal food in Japan, which have become a very famous trend all around Tokyo. Do you know there is an Asakusa walk of fame street?

    Starting from the great gates on Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo, where you can see the great sky tree tower from far,...Read more

Suntory whisky distillery tasking day tour for VIP from Tokyo

clock 10 hours

    On this tour, we will visit one of Hakusyu’s  most famous whisky distilleries in Yamanashi prefecture from Tokyo. In the beginning, you will see the craftsmen’s dedication to producing a variety of distinctive whiskeys at the Hakushu Distillery, then later you can taste the unblended...Read more

Ginza Exquisite Japanese Traditional Food Encounter

clock 3 hours
  • Don't miss your best plan to have your first encounter to officially listed global heritage cuisine by UNESCO, Washoku (Japanese traditional food). Savor the true Japanese cuisine, deepen your knowledge about Washoku, and experience the Japanese eating manner from the expert guide. By joining this tour, you could learn the ambience each of the...Read more

Omotenashi Japanese Food Dining Experience with Glamorous View

clock 3 hours
  • With the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics rapidly approaching the word “Omotenashi” is being used by the media a lot more to promote Japanese hospitality. The meaning of Omotenashi goes way deeper than just providing outstanding hospitality. By joining this dining plan, experience the original Omotenashi by proffesional staff. Drinking a shoot of...Read more

Limited Reservation Top Class Private Sushi Fine-Dining

clock 2 hours
  • "Even Japanese hard to book" fine-dining plan that you could experience. The sparse Sushi fine-dining history of your life you couldn't repeat. Omotenashi & Omakase, 2 words combined to escort your hunger about Sushi to the highest level it can be. Assisted by the competent & profficient english speaker guide wont disappoint you to fulfill your...Read more

Machi-Nomi Kita-senju (Bar hopping night tour in local haunts)

clock 3 hours
  • You can enjoy the night culture normally enjoyed only by Japanese locals at 3 izakayas, including secret bars that you will never go and visit by yourselves. You may make friends with regulars there and enjoy cross-cultural communications. It will be a memorable night of your stay in...Read more

Tokyo Imperial Palace International Group Jog

clock 2 hours
  • Let's run together with a beautiful night around the Imperial Place,

    and meet new people and have a great time !!
    * This is an event connecting all guests and Japanese Joggers together by jogging around the Imperial Palace. Join us and Jogging around the jog! make friends with local ppl...Read more

One Coin Cooking Party :@ Kitchen Yomoda make friends with the locals

clock 2 hours
  • Our goal is to have guests united at their spacious lounge space and "One Coin Cooking Party" is often taking place. Participants buy groceries on their own and cook their original homemade dishes before sharing it. memories and experience in Tokyo.

    In the past, our guests have engaged in a friendly cooking battle, with each team facing...Read more

Tokyo Shinjuku Deep Night life tour "Ramen & Bar" experience

clock 4 hours
  • Basically, we will visit japanese tipical restaurante in Shinjuku Kabuki-cho neighborhood, ramen restaurante, pubs, yakitori and others in Japanese food culture and enjoy Japanese traditioanl food. When your stomach is full, you can Drink alcohol in traditional area "Golden Gai". Also you can do Karaoke in Japanese fashionable bar. Please let me...Read more

Wagyu Shabu Shabu Dining Experience

clock 2 hours
  • • 2-hour wagyu shabu shabu dining experience

    • Taste 4 types of wagyu beef from 4 prefectures of Japan

    • Learn about the differentiation points of different types of wagyu beef

    • Enjoy kishimen, Nagoya-style...Read more

Fermented Squid, Snacks & Sake Tasting with Sake Sommelier

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • • See how “ika no shiokara,” a uniquely Japanese dish, is made and try it for yourself

    • Learn from Chef Hirata, the restaurant’s owner and sake sommelier, during a sake tasting

    • Snack on classic izakaya bar foods like edamame and...Read more

Sommelier-Guided Craft Beer and Regional Food Pairing

clock 3 hours
  • • A hand-picked line-up of iconic Japanese craft beers, selected by a certified Cicerone (Beer Sommelier)

    • Pairings of beverages with local specialties including WAGYU beef, award-winning JAPANESE cheese, UJI MATCHA dessert and more!

    • Informative narration featuring fascinating historical and cultural background

    •...Read more

Wagyu Beef and Gyoza Bento Class

clock 3 hours
  • Learn how to make gyoza, from making the gyoza wrappers to mincing the meat to wrapping the dumplings
    Grill up some sizzling wagyu beef, cook 3 side dishes, and make miso soup
    Assemble your wagyu beef and gyoza bento
    Treat yourself with some Japanese raw sake, plum wine, or koji pudding for dessert
    After the cooking class, the cooking...Read more