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Top Tokyo Music Classes


Whole Package of Japanese Cultural Experience at Home with Noriko

clock 6 hours
  • If you would like to experience real Japanese (also traditional) culture in a Japanese ordinary house near Tokyo area, we belive this is the GO place. Our service includes experiencing Japanese traditional tea ceremony, playing Japanese Koto (a Japanese harp) music, trying on Japanese traditional outfit called Kimono ( Ninja costume is also...Read more

The only experience in the world that cuts udon into ROCK with a traditional Japanese knife [Udoek]

clock 2 hours
  • One of the best authentic Sanuki udon craftsmen in Tokyo, and the only udon artist in the world, will provide ROCK with cool experiences and videos.

    After the craftsman's demonstration, touch the knife and practice carefully before cutting each noodle.

    Since the host is a performer, you can also learn about the “how to charm”...Read more

Easy for everyone! Now you can play handmade mini shamisen and show off to everyone! Musical instruments, sweets and live music

clock 2 hours
  • [Let's play handmade mini shamisen! Traditional music experience workshop]

    TOKYO SHAMI EXPERIENCE was newly launched last year as a spot where you can enjoy the shamisen more easily and fun!
    This reservation site has just started in 2020.

    A new two-hour workshop where everyone can handcraft a mini shamisen, play a few songs, and...Read more

Koto Experience and Live Performance at a Japanese-style House in Tokyo

clock 1 hour
  • How many people have had the pleasure of participating in a Koto lesson in an old folkloristic Japanese-style house?

    At this experience you can learn how to play the Koto, Japanese traditional string instrument, with a professional licensed instructor.
    After a brief introduction, you will practice with a real Koto. You play a few songs...Read more

Tsugaru shamisen, Koto and Okinawa sanshin Activity in Shinjuku, Tokyo

clock 45 minutes

    Why not try playing Japanese music?

    You can experience the performance of traditional Japanese musical instruments. Japanese musical instruments are all made from natural materials, and the music played from these instruments is also the tone of the material itself. The performance experience will express the kindness and...Read more

Enjoy Japanese Musical Instruments and Japanese Cuisine in Asakusa

clock 2 hours
    In this workshop, you will learn to play Koto (Japanese harp) or Shamisen (Japanese banjo) in a Japanese-style room overlooking a Japanese garden followed by lunch. Anyone can easily take part in the experience. Enjoy the beautiful music played by the instructor. After the workshop, please appreciate a Japanese-style lunch in the...Read more

Play a Traditional Japanese String Instrument -- "Shamisen"

clock 1 hour
    Enjoy learning about and playing a traditional Japanese three-stringed instrument, the shamisen. First, the instructor will explain the history of the shamisen and how to play it. Under the guidance our skilled instructor, you will become a pro shamisen player in no time! And no worries, you can play without any...Read more

Traditional Japanese Drum Experience in Asakusa

clock 1 hour
    Learn more about Japanese traditional music through this "wadaiko" (Japanese drum) experience! It is much more fun to play it rather than to just listen! Give it a try! Our instructor will explain how to play and you will try to play some simple songs at the end of the class! Feel the spirit of Japanese music and the heavy bass corse...Read more

Violin Recital by Top Japanese Player

clock 45 minutes
  • I will provide a 45 minutes Live concert for you.

    I'll play classic music and world famous music are all copyright free.
    You can join us, order a music you'd like to enjoy in advance, then I'll play for you.
    Or you can have a dinner and just enjoy my live performance,
    also a very special gift for your partner. family as a birthday...Read more

Japanese Healing Songs Virtual Show in Tokyo

clock 45 minutes
  • During this 45-minute online classic guitar session, I invite you to take part in an age-old Japanese Shinto custom called “Naorai”.

    Naorai is a banquet held after Shinto festivals and ceremonies, and originally had the purpose of breaking the fast to going back to normal day-to-day life by eating and drinking together.

    I believe...Read more

Shamisen Japanese Guitar Workshop

clock 1 hour
  • Explore the intriguing world of traditional Japanese music with the shamisen. Discover how one of the most distinctive sounds in Japanese culture is produced, and learn the basic steps to playing a tsuguru shamisen, a three-stringed musical instrument not disimilar to a guitar.

    After, participants have the unique opportunity to experience...Read more

Learn to play the traditional Koto harp

clock 1 hour
  • Learn to play the refined and distinctive national instrument of Japan, the koto. Somewhat like a Japanese-style harp, the koto is a versatile insturment with a long history stretching back to the 7th century. Well-known in Japan for its lingering echo-like sounds and changing tones, it has inspired many from the likes of folk musicians to even...Read more