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    This tour will take you through the best parts of Canada in just 2.5 hours. We'll take the trouble off your hands and you'll be our responsibility for the duration of the tour. Trust us to take you to locations where you'll taste the best flavors in the country. This group tour is organized to provide the best results for a maximum of twelve people. We'll take a tour through the Kensington market where you'll learn the famous stories about one of Toronto's oldest and most diverse markets. The Kensington Market is registered as a National Historic Site of Canada. In this neighborhood, you'll take yourself through a remarkable experience bite by bite. As the group walks through the streets, there'll be stops at 6 locations that will give you the full experience of Canada. These stops will introduce you to the indigenous food which is presently the most popular in Canada or foods which have been favorites for ages. Travelers will even be introduced to new delights such as the Quebec favorite; Poutine. There's something to try out for everyone. In fact, vegetarians are welcome but take note that this would lead to some differences in the menu and may make it less Canadian. We can not tolerate anyone who has any problems with eating gluten, eggs, dairy, and nuts. This is the only way we can give you a genuine Canadian experience. The tour allows you to walk through the beautiful Victorian homes and taste traditional Canadian food.

    A variety of means for travelers to taste and try out. It's a walking tour and travelers are led through the streets by a licensed and professional guide. The guide is going to have local knowledge of the region and take you through hidden streets. Live commentary will also be provided as the tour progresses. Hotel pickups to and from the Kensington Market. A wide array of shops, eateries and action attractions. Meals consist of ingredients such as gluten, eggs, dairy, and nuts. However, there's a different menu for vegetarians.

    The tour of the Kensington market allowed travelers to try out different Canadian foods such as peameal, bacon, and poutine. One of the most memorable locations was the Pow Wow Restaurant. The tour guide was also helpful and made everything more interesting.

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