Toronto Craft Brewery Tour

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    This Toronto tour isn't for the faint-hearted as there's a lot of drinking for all travelers to partake in. All in this trip there will be a visit to three Toronto Craft Breweries and there's at least 20oz of beer samples to try out. This tour takes you through a journey that reveals the inner working of a brewery and learns about the true importance of craft beer. Craft beer has become a serious trend, why? You'll learn about it on this tour. Travelers will be introduced to brewing companies such as Great Lakes Brewery, Henderson Brewing co, and Junction Craft Brewery with each of them promising a different experience from the next one. Craft beer is gotten from the highest quality materials in this brewery. However, take note that any of the breweries could be changed from the list if unavailable and replaced with another one. This would keep your whole experience from falling apart and becoming a disappointment. During the tour, a brew captain hosts will teach you about craft beer and soon you'll be tasting it like a professional. It will also give you expert knowledge about craft beer and its manufacturing processes. There's also a lot of rich history about these breweries to explore as you learn about their rise to prominence and the quality of the beer produced by the company. It's a great thing to experience all the creativity that formed the craft beer trend.

    There's going to be a pickup to and from the hotel located in a comfortable, air-conditioned exotic vehicle. The vehicle will take all of the travelers through the stops one after the other till they get to the end of the tour. There's free beer for tasting in every brewery that will be visited. In fact, there will be more than enough for everyone. Learn about the history of the best breweries in town and their beer-making processes. Enjoy live commentary about the region and it's facilities as you move from one location to another. A licensed and professional guide to take you through the different stages of the trip. This guide will offer live commentary as you progress on the trip.

    A lot of these travelers enjoyed the beer sampling. They also feel that the tour guide made every part of the trip more interesting with his guiding words and striking confidence. The ride from the hotel and to different locations was as comfortable as possible.

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