Barcelona Walking Tours

Barcelona Walking Tours

Barcelona is an attractive city synonymous with many things you can learn about by joining best walking tours in Barcelona. Barcelona guided tours reveal fascinating architecture, mouthwatering food, interesting history and secrets that were intended to remain unknown. Private Barcelona walking allow you to trace the footsteps of great people that called the city home, as well as of some that never actually existed.

Albeit there is a lot you can see on the surface, Barcelona guided walking tours introduce far more by allowing you to look beneath it. To allow you to be much more than an ordinary traveler about this fascinating city, Trip Indicator selected the best Barcelona walking tours of leading providers. Along the way, we refer insider tips that help you choose free things to do, pay less for things the others pay more to enjoy and more. All private guided tours in Barcelona we have selected feature high rates based on the opinion of many participants.

The specially-selected guided tours introduce top attractions of Barcelona, allowing you to immerse yourself in their stories. Complement your knowledge about the city by attending the leading cultural performances. Or learn from the local what places to visit for great shopping and dining. Whatever you choose, having an unforgettable time in the Catalan capital is as good as granted.

Guided Walking Tours Barcelona

1.Fast Track: Park Güell Guided Walking Tour

Fast Track: Park Güell Guided Walking Tour Tickets

Duration: 1:30 hours

Cruise City Tours 4.0 (262 reviews) (262 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €25.00, Viator: €25.40, Tiqets: €27.00, TicketBar: €31.50 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A guided tour of a park that boasts incredible works of art by famous Antoni Gaudi.
  • Besides the public areas embellished by recognizable artwork, admire the views of the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea in the horizon.
  • Discover Gaudi's devotion to his city and the god as you discover symbols of each throughout the Park Guell.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Learn the story revealing the events that led to the establishment of the Park Guell.
  • Walk the famous park, marvel at its shapes, columns and colors, and visit the house where Gaudi used to live some time.
  • Benefit of the priority entry that saves you a lot of time you may spend waiting to enter the Park Guell otherwise.
  • What It Includes:
  • Assistance of the professional and knowledgeable tour guide.
  • Skip-the-line ticket to the Park Guell.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • Most travelers that joined the guided tour state that the overview helped them understand the site and the artist better.
  • For the most part, they were satisfied with explanations, some of which revealed why some structures were built as they were.
  • Many participants of the tour state that many people visit the park, but the guide left enough time for seeing related attractions during the tour.
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • Visiting the Park Guell is simply a must-see attraction for every visitor of Barcelona because it is a place of unique design and beauty.
  • The guided tour informs you about many interesting things that make your visit to the park meaningful and more enjoyable.
  • The informative tour lasts about 1:30 hours, hence it is suitable even for people that can't stand or walk for long.

2.Tapas Evening Walking Tour of Barcelona

Tapas Evening Walking Tour of Barcelona Tickets

Duration: Around 2 or 3 hours, depending on the provider you choose.

Cruise City Tours 5.0 (189 reviews) (189 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €75.00, Viator: €71.30, TicketBar: €80.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A walking tour of the Catalan cuisine and culture.
  • A lesson about tapas, which are among the most popular specialties of Catalonia.
  • An introductory tour of the best tapas bars in Barcelona that also reveals how to order and dine tapas.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Walk the streets of downtown Barcelona and visit places serving the most delicious tapas.
  • Combine these iconic specialties with specially selected wines of Catalan origins.
  • Walk the streets of the historical neighborhoods of Barcelona and hear the related stories.
  • What It Includes:
  • Guided tour by a knowledgeable gourmand in English and, depending on the selected provider, a few other languages.
  • Several types of tapas and a few complimentary drinks.
  • Depening on the tour provider, visiting restaurants, markets and/or specialty food stores.
  • Availability of Wi-Fi at certain points.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • "Great experience and learned a lot about the food and culture of Barcelona."
  • "Very nice small group, authentic places, drinks, food, all was superb."
  • "This tour exceeded my expectations!"
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • The Tapas guided tour is an ideal opportunity for gourmands and curious people to learn about the local cuisine and Barcelona.
  • The insightful tour is an ideal opportunity for you to get insider tips about the best places to eat in the city.
  • Finally, this tour reveals not only what you should eat, but also how to eat it and what to drink in the process.

3.Sagrada Familia Guided Tour with Priority Entry

Sagrada Familia Guided Tour with Priority Entry Tickets

Duration: The guided tour lasts about 1:30 hours.

Cruise City Tours 4.5 (396 reviews) (396 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €75.00, Viator: €71.30, TicketBar: €80.00, Viator: €39.70, Tiqets: €41.00, TicketBar: €34.50 ...
  • What Is It:
  • An introductory tour to Sagrada Familia and its mastermind Antoni Gaudi.
  • A tour that reveals facts and secrets of the most famous landmark of the city of Barcelona.
  • An elaboration of the cathedral's design accompanied with related documents and artifacts.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Skip the line at the entrance and save a lot of time.
  • Lay eyes on the sky-soaring towers of Sagrada Familia and examine its outstanding architectural features, such as columns resembling trees and imaginative narrow passages.
  • Learn from your guide the story about the cathedral and its creator Antoni Gaudi and visit the on-site museum.
  • What It Includes:
  • Skip-the-line entrance to the magnificent cathedral.
  • Knowledgeable and passionate guide who conveys knowledge in an engaging way.
  • An opportunity to attend the guided tour in a few languages, including English, German and French.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • Attendants of the tour underline that taking the Sagrada Familia tour is an excellent way for starting the stay in Barcelona.
  • Most of them felt satisfied with how the local guide performed and shared knowledge about the iconic structure.
  • Some travelers rated the guided tour as the best they ever had during their travels.
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • The guided tour of the Sagrada Familia is a suitable activity for everyone, regardless of one's personal interests.
  • The tour is especially convenient for fans of grand architecture, Antoni Gaudi and Barcelona itself.
  • Travelers interested in or studying architecture have a chance to examine the structure through related models and documentation.

4.Picasso Walking Tour & Picasso Museum of Barcelona

Picasso Walking Tour & Picasso Museum of Barcelona Tickets

Duration: 2 hours

Cruise City Tours 4 (9033 reviews) (9033 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €25.00, Viator: €22.00, TicketBar: €22.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • An introductory tour of Picasso's life and his artistic development in Barcelona.
  • A walking tour that reveals where the famous artist lived and worked, and what places he frequented.
  • A guided tour of the museum where an extensive collection of the artist's works of art is on display.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Discover the places where Pablo Picasso used to live and those that set him toward a career of an artist.
  • Hear stories about the early life of Pablo Picasso before he moved to Paris, the then capital of art.
  • Skip queuing to enter the Picasso Museum and have a guided tour once inside.
  • What It Includes:
  • A guided tour by an expert guide of the bohemian part of Barcelona.
  • A tour of the Picasso Museum led by a guide.
  • Fast-track entry to the museum.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • "This involves more history than just Picasso."
  • "Our guide was amazing and knew so much about Picasso and the area."
  • "Great tour of Picasso around the city ending up at the Picasso museum!"
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • Taking the tour is the right thing to do for devotees of art and history of Barcelona.
  • The overview of Picasso early life is a must for everyone interested in art and the artist's personal development.
  • Besides, the guided tour is a good introduction to downtown Barcelona and its bohemian areas.

5.Barcelona: The Ghost Walking Tour

Barcelona: The Ghost Walking Tour Tickets

Duration: Around two hours

Cruise City Tours 4.0 (49 reviews) (49 reviews)

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GetYourGuide: €12.00, Viator: €14.20 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A journey through dark secrets of Barcelona taking place when the sun descends beyond the horizon.
  • A discovery tour of some centrally-located places of Barcelona in quite a new light.
  • An intriguing quest based on the "Fantasmes de Barcelona" book.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Discover Barcelona that is much more different at night than during the daylight.
  • Hear scary stories that used to take place on the streets and in hidden corners of the city in the past.
  • Learn about creepy practices based on exorcism and witchcraft that will make your hair stand upright.
  • What It Includes:
  • A tour guide that masters dark narrative in an entertaining way.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • "You will see the city without feeling like a tourist."
  • "The guide was quite good, informative and told many stories and legends."
  • "The guide was very good and told the stories in a way that made them real."
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • If mysteries and stories that are meant to stay secret are among your interests, you will enjoy the guided tour.
  • Besides the ghosts of the past, the tour brings up local legends.
  • The activity is a must for everyone who wishes to discover a different, less pleasant side of Barcelona.

6.Barcelona 2-hour Gothic Walking Tour

Barcelona 2-hour Gothic Walking Tour Tickets

Duration: 2 hours

Cruise City Tours 4.5 (39 104 reviews) (39 104 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €18.00, Viator: €16.30, TicketBar: €21.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A discovery tour of Barcelona's historical Gothic quarter and its points of interest spanning the period from the Roman era to medieval times.
  • An insightful experience that introduces old buildings, first-class eateries and hidden corners of the downtown area.
  • A guided tour that tells stories about the city and its residents throughout different ages.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Listen to the narrative of a certified guide that puts the Catalan capital into the historical context.
  • Walk the winding streets of the Barrio Gotico and visit its famous and hidden attractions.
  • Acquaint yourself with the layout of downtown Barcelona, which you will find useful for the entire duration of your stay in the city.
  • What It Includes:
  • A walking tour led by a knowledgeable guide.
  • A morning tour of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • "Fantastic tour. Guide was very helpful and knowledgeable."
  • "There are plenty of sights to be seen and you really get a good overview that sets you up for further exploration"
  • "Informative and colourful mix of Barcelona's history and politics!"
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • The tour is ideal for fans of history and visitors that are in Barcelona for the first time.
  • Furthermore, the guided tour reveals places you should visit that would otherwise avoid your attention.
  • Finally, join the tour to experience the unique atmosphere of the historical center of the capital of Catalonia.

7.Sagrada Familia & Gaudi Guided Tour

Sagrada Familia & Gaudi Guided Tour Tickets

Duration: Around 5 hours

Cruise City Tours 5.0 (13 reviews) (13 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €79.00, Viator: €141.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A comprehensive overview of Antoni Gaudi's highlights in the city of Barcelona.
  • A sightseeing tour of the city's most popular attractions - Casa Batllo, Casa Mila (La Pedrera), Park Guell and Sagrada Familia.
  • The tour includes priority entrance tickets at selected attractions, which saves you a lot of time.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Take a tour of the Sagrada Familia with a visit to its towers (if you select this option).
  • Explore the Park Guell, a beautiful park that abounds with details symbolizing various things.
  • See the Batllo House, with a tour of its interior if you select the option, and the Casa Mila from the outside.
  • What It Includes:
  • A coach with the air-conditioner for getting between attractions.
  • Fast-track entry to the Sagrada Familia.
  • Priorty entry to the Park Guell.
  • An optional ticket for a visit to the Casa Batllo.
  • Assistance of the professional and friendly tour guide.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • "Our guide was extremely knowledgeable."
  • "All I can say is that you must do this tour if you are in Barcelona."
  • "Great tour. Learned a lot about Gaudì."
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • The guided tour reveals a lot about Antoni Gaudi, one of the greatest architects in history, and the city of Barcelona.
  • It is especially recommended for first-time visitors to the Catalan capital and devotees of groundbreaking architecture.
  • Also, this tour covers some of the biggest attractions of the city, offering an extensive overview about them.

8.The Shadow of the Wind Literary Walking Tour

The Shadow of the Wind Literary Walking Tour Tickets

Duration: Up to three hours

Cruise City Tours 4.5 (27 reviews) (27 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €14.00, Viator: €14.80 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A tour that introduces the points of interest mentioned in the novel "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
  • Exploration of the streets and places where events of the popular novel occurred.
  • A chance to jump into the shoes of Daniel Sempere, Fermín Romero de Torres and Julian Carax.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Follow the footsteps of the main protagonists of The Shadow of the Wind, the best-selling novel written by Louis Ruiz Zafon.
  • Explore the streets and corners of Barcelona closely relating to one of the most famous literary masterpieces in recent times.
  • Visit a few of the most popular cafes and bars in the area, including Els Quatre Gats where Pablo Picasso used to come.
  • What It Includes:
  • The official guide that is familiar with the book well.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • "The tour was wonderful as the tour guide was top notch."
  • "Our guide not only took us through many of the settings from the book but also showed some lesser known historical places from Barcelona's history..."
  • "Excellent tour, more meaningful if one reads the book as the commentaries center around that."
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • This is a mandatory tour for fans of the "The Shadow of the Winds" novel.
  • The capital of Catalonia has many interesting off-the-beaten-path places any traveler visiting the city should discover.
  • The tour is also a must for history buffs since it transports people into the first half of the 20th century.

9.Flamenco Evening Show at Tablao de Carmen Tour

Flamenco Evening Show at Tablao de Carmen Tickets

Duration: The duration of the Flamenco performance is around an hour.

Cruise City Tours 4.5 (217 reviews) (217 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €45.00, Viator: €45.80, Tiqets: €63.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • An entertaining event introducing passionate and energetic Flamenco dance.
  • An opportunity to relax after a busy day at one of the most famous tablaos of the Catalan capital and enjoy a dance performance, drink and food.
  • A spectacle introducing the Spanish culture.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Enjoy the Flamenco performance at Tablao de Carmen, one of the leading flamenco venues in Barcelona.
  • Familiarize yourself with the tunes, steps and passion of the popular Spanish dance.
  • Have a drink or dinner before or during the entertaining performance.
  • What It Includes:
  • Free admission to the Spanish Village after 4 pm.
  • Attendance to 1-hour Flamenco show at Tablau de Carmen.
  • Drink or dining based on the selected option.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • "The show was phenomenal and dinner was delicious."
  • "Very lively! Good food and good wine!"
  • "The show was very professional."
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • Attending the Flamenco show is an unavoidable part of the local cultural experience, hence highly recommended to all travelers.
  • The performance is suitable for people of all ages.