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Archaelogical Site Of Carthage + Picturesque Village Of Sidi Bou Said

clock 4 hours
  • Departure to Carthage, founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC. The earliest settlements of Punic Carthage can sill be seen on Byrsa Hill, just below the renowed Carthage National Museum. Although destroyed by the Romans in 146BC and later built over by them, recent excavation has revealed the foundations of five-story Punic houses, each with its own...Read more

Private Day Tour Dougga

clock 7 hours
  • Dougga is a UNISCO Site and considered as one of the Best Archeolgical Roman Site in North Africa . If you are a fan of History and Archeology then this Site should in your Top 10 Bucket list....Read more

Excursion Zaghouan, Thuburbo Majus and Dougga

clock 10 to 12 hours
  • The Dougga tour is perfect for lovers of Roman and Carthaginian ruins, a total change of scenery, the magnificent water temple, the starting point of the aqueducts that carried water to Carthage, you also visit the ancient Roman city Thuburbo Majus and finish with the famous Dougga site listed on the World Heritage List by...Read more

Excursion of 1 day Tunis, Sidi Bousaid, Carthage and Hammamet departure of sousse

clock 6 to 7 hours
  • A very rich program: Visit the ancient city of Carthage, the authentic city of Sidi Bou Said overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Tunis through the medina, the city of Hammamet on a day trip to departure from Sousse which includes round-trip transportation to Sousse. This tour takes you to one of the seven Tunisian UNESCO World Heritage...Read more

Tunis, Sidi Bousaid and Carthage day trip from Hammamet

clock 6 to 7 hours
  • A very rich program: Visit the ancient city of Carthage, the authentic city of Sidi Bou Said overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Tunis via the medina during a day trip from Hammamet which includes the transport to and from Hammamet. This tour takes you to one of seven Tunisian World Heritage sites as well as three cities in one...Read more

Tozeur and the mountain Oasis

clock 3 days
  • - Homestay visit to Matmata
    - Visit of 3 types of desert: Chott (salt desert / Erg (sand desert) and Reg (rock desert).
    - Visit of mountain oases: Chebika - Tamerza and Mides
    - Visit of the biggest sets of Star Wars in Tunisia: the village Mos Espa
    - Visit the basket of Nefta
    - Visit of an old medina
    - Visit the largest salt lake...Read more

Tunisia '' Magic of the Desert ''.

clock 5 days
  • Tunisia '' The Magic of the Desert '' is an experience for the most curious and adventurous who want to trace time back centuries ago and see live and live various aspects of nomadic Berber life touring landscapes and amazing places.
    Together '' We Follow the Stars in the Sahara....Read more

Bardo Museum and Medina Guided Half-Day Tour in Tunis

clock 4 hours
  • Embark on a half-day guided tour in Tunis and visit many of it's famous highlights such as : Bardo museum, Tunis Medina; one of the best preserved Islamic cities in the world, the great Mosque Ez-Zitouna, and a traditional cap and perfume...Read more

5 Days Tunisia Discovery Private Tour

clock 5 days
  • Explore the highlights of Tunisia. A variety of landscapes and sights, from Mediterranean beaches to the Sahara desert, from ancient souks to Star Wars film sets.

    A real opportunity to experience Tunisia culture both ancient and modern, discover the mysterious troglodytes houses of the Berbers, the most important archaeological sites in...Read more

4-Day Tunisia Discovery Private Tour

clock 4 days
  • With its desert oasis, cosmic landscapes & ancient Berber architecture made famous in the Star Wars movie series, this otherworldly tour makes for a blockbuster of an adventure.

    Discover Tunisia's vast mosaic of wonders as you tour Tunis, El Jem, Kairouan, Tozeur, Douz, Sahara Desert Camping, Tataouine, Matmata & more with the luxury of...Read more

Full-Day Dougga & Bulla Regia Private Tour from Tunis

clock 8 hours
  • Dougga is the pinnacle of the Roman presence in Tunisia and looks out majestically over the hills. What perhaps makes it so aesthetically pleasing is its geography – perched on high, it is a picture of verdancy and her stone columns stand proudly against the green countryside. It occupies an unusual position for a Roman town because its origins...Read more

Full-Day Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, Bardo Museum & Medina Private Tour from Tunis

clock 8 hours
  • Visit the ancient city of Carthage, a seaside village, and the Tunis medina on a full-day tour from Tunis that includes lunch and round-trip transport from your Tunis centrally located hotel. This 8-hours tour takes you to two of Tunisia’s 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in a single day.

    • Full-day Tunis tour
    • Visit...Read more

Private Day Tour Tunis Carthage Sidi Bou Said and Bardo Museum

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • If you want to visit the Top sites and highlights around Tunis then look no Further. !!!!

    My passion in life is history; or understanding why things happened when and where they did and what happened as a result. Whether it's an impressive building I've never seen before or a battlefield I've never previously visited or an event in history...Read more

Tour of Djerba island

clock 10 hours
  • Program:

    8am: Departure to the Roman road, and then continue to the Berber village of Guellala. Visit an old pottery workshop and the Museum of Arts and Djerbean life.

    Continue to the village of Erriadh and ‘La Ghriba’, the oldest synagogue in Africa. Visit to Djerbahood, the Street Art exposition initiated in 2014.

    Visit...Read more

Full-Day Kairouan and El Jem Tour from Tunis

clock 8 hours
  • Departure for Kairouan, the 4th holiest city in the Islamic world. The visit starts from the 9Th century Aghlabides basins seen from the top of the tourist information building with an introduction to the foundation of Kairouan and its glorious ages.

    Move to the grand mosque, the oldest in north Africa, continue to the nearby Sidi Sahbi (a...Read more

Tatouine - Chenenni - Ksar Ghuilaine - Matmata: 2 days visit

clock 2 days
  • 07:00: Departure from the hotel by the Roman road

    09:00: Tataouine and visit the market and the downtown

    11:00: Visit of Chenini

    12:00: Lunch

    14:15: Depart to Ksar El Ferch or Ksar Hdadda.

    16h00: Departure to Ksar Ghuilaine.

    18h00: Arrival to Zmela Camp

    19h00: Diner

    Night at the camp...Read more

Kairouan Tour, Colosseum of El Djem and Monastir (Without professional guide)

clock 10 hours
  • Kairouan the fourth holy city of Islam and spiritual capital of Tunisia, then El Djem the ancient city of Thysdrus, one of the most prosperous of Roman Africa for the visit of its amphitheater, and finish the excursion by ancient Monastir Punic then Roman city of Ruspina. A diversified tour between Tunisia during the Arab-Muslim (Kairouan), Roman...Read more

1 Day Excursion Kairouan and El Jem from Tunis or Hammamet

clock 7 to 9 hours
  • Founded in 670, the city of Kairouan flourished under the Aghlabid dynasty in the 9th century. Despite the transfer of the political capital to Tunis in the 12th century, Kairouan remained the first holy city in the Maghreb. Its rich architectural heritage includes, in particular, the Great Mosque, with its columns of marble and porphyry, and the...Read more

3-Day South of Tunisia Guided Tour from Tunis

clock 3 days
  • • First Day : EL JEM – MATMATA - DOUZ
    Departure to El Jem, Visit of El Jem Amphitheatre. This monument is the largest Roman monument left in Africa.
    Departure to Matmata. Lunch at hotel Sidi Driss, visit of troglodyte houses, This is where the troglodyte dwellings are located. Continuation to Douz. (Optional camel rides in the desert....Read more

Picturesque Village Of Sidi Bou Said + Tunis Old Medina

clock 4 hours
  • Departure to Sidi Bou said: Perched high atop of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, this picturesque village is a delightful place for a leisurely stroll through winding cobbled streets. Its trademark white walls, contrasting sky blue doors and ornate window grids, make for a wonderfully inspiring setting. Wander around the boutiques for...Read more