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Ksiaz Castle and UNESCO Church of Peace in Swidnica

clock 7 hours
  • Travel through lovely countryside of Lower Silesia to discover two of the region's most important attractions. Hear your guide bring the area's turbulent history and rich culture to life with a commentary. Find out facts and myths of World War II which had a great impact on the lives of local residents. This tour highlights the best of what Lower...Read more

Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour from Wroc?aw

clock 10 hours
  • Unique and very important place for every human, despite a race, nationality or region. A must-see to understand post-war Europe and the world without an in-depth confrontation between our idea of mankind and the remains of...Read more

The secrets of World War II

clock 9 hours
  • Let us take you on an adventure along the track of the biggest secrets of the Second World War in Lower Silesia. See Osowka, which is part of Project Riese, Ksiaz Castle, Gross-Rosen concentration camp and the labyrinth-shaped exhibition in...Read more

Lower Silesia Tour From Wroclaw

clock 8 hours
  • Visit 3 of the main famous sights in Lower Silesia Province: the Church of Peace in Swidnica, 13th-century Ksiaz Castle, and the historical Complex Osówka, part of a Nazi-era construction project.
    Lower Silesia is a fascinating region. With its turbulent past, interesting culture and incredibly beautiful landscape make it one of the most...Read more

Polish Sudety Mountains

clock 9 hours
  • Experience the beautiful scenery of the Karkonosze, the highest part of the Sudetes mountain system, where the Czech-Polish border runs along the main ridge.

    During a daylong trip to Karpacz, where the highest peak of Karkonosze, Sniezka, is situated 1602 meters above the sea level, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful Lower...Read more

Legacy of the World War II Day Tour from Wroclaw

clock 8 hours
  • Take a sobering tour, that shows you the complicated heritage of World War II and its lasting impact on the province. Visit the former German Nazi concentration camp of Gross Rosen known for its deadly work conditions in the granite quarry.Find out about the German strategy of extermination through labour. See the mysterious legacy of World War II...Read more

Full Day Prague Tour

clock 15 hours
  • Discover the enchanting city of Prague with its eventful history, precious architecture and unique tasty beer. The capital of Czech Republic is one the most outstanding tourist attractions in Europe and an important part of the cultural heritage of the old continent. From the heart of medieval Bohemia to the capital of the Holy Roman Empire,...Read more

Polish Pottery of Boleslawiec and UNESCO Jawor Church of Peace Tour

clock 8 hours 30 minutes
  • During this tour you will discover the most interesting and unique expression of the local Silesian craftsmanship - the famous Boles?awiec pottery, known also as the Polish...Read more

UNESCO World Heritage-listed Church of Peace Day Tour from Wroclaw

clock 7 hours
  • This full day tour from Wroclaw gives you a great oportunity to visit the most outstanding atraction of Lower Silesia - UNESCO World Heritage-listed Church of Peace in Swidnica. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, travelling by comfortable minivan/coach you can spend a great day out finding out about the fascinating history of the province...Read more

From Wroclaw: Krakow and Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

clock 14 hours
  • Explore the marvelous Krakow, once a royal capital and a hub of historical Polish sites, on an excursion from Wroclaw. Visit the UNESCO listed Wieliczka Salt Mine and discover a one-of-a-kind underground world that was created hundreds of years ago.

    An English-speaking driver will pick you up from a pre-arranged meeting point in Wroclaw or...Read more

One day tour to Auschwitz-Birkenau & Salt Mine from Wroclaw with private driver

clock 13 hours
  • The easiest way to see two places in one day.

    The Auschwitz- Birkenau museum takes us back to the times of the II World War and lets us see what the life in Nazi concentration camp was like. This visit is a history class that gives you a unique opportunity of finding out the darkest recesses of human nature.

    The Salt Mine is a...Read more

Auschwitz-Birkenau tour from Wroclaw with private driver

clock 12 hours
  • The Auschwitz- Birkenau museum takes us back to the times of the II World War and lets us see what the life in Nazi concentration camp was like. This visit is a history class that gives you a unique opportunity of finding out the darkest recesses of human nature. There were more than 1 million people murdered over there, mainly Jews who had been...Read more

Wroclaw - WIELICZKA Salt Mine Private Tour

clock 10 hours
  • Wieliczka is the oldest (founded in the 13 C), continuously running salt mine in the world, and is the greatest tourist attraction in Poland. In underground mine chambers you can see how mining techniques have evolved over the centuries while also admiring beautiful interiors and sculptures made of salt. In 1978 the salt mine was entered on the...Read more

Dresden Day Tour

clock 12 hours
  • Take an exciting day tour from Wroclaw to explore Dresden- one of the most beautiful German cities.

    For centuries Dresden was the capital of an independent state of Saxony, which under the Wettin dynasty was a flourishing centre of culture, art and architecture. The city was considered the pearl of European baroque with numerous churches,...Read more

Medieval royal treasure in Sroda Slaska and impressive Cisterian abbey in Lubiaz

clock 7 hours
  • Discover the incredible history of a priceless medieval royal treasure. Enjoy the impressive, enormous, and majestic Baroque architecture of a Cisterian abbey. See the most important sanctuary and pilgrimage destination of Lower Silesia - the grave of Saint Jadwiga (Hedwig) in Trzebnica. Have a tasty lunch in a traditional abbey's tavern and...Read more

The Klodzko Valley Tour from Wroclaw

clock 8 hours
  • The Klodzko Valley is considered to be the most extraordinary and fascinating region in Lower Silesia. With many famous spas, beautiful castles and picturesque landscape that all contribute to this valley's special atmosphere...Read more

From Wroclaw: Auschwitz-Birkenau Full-Day Guided Tour

clock 10 hours
  • Learn about the history of the largest concentration camp complex from World War II.
    See personal things and objects of everyday use belonging to the prisoners.
    Visit the ruins of the gas chambers, original barracks, and the railway prisoner unloading...Read more

Berlin Day Tour from Wroclaw

clock 14 hours
  • Take a full day tour to discover Berlin – a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of Germany. Find out about the infamous rise of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich and its dramatic downfall. See the rest of Berliner Wall – the clearest symbol of Europe’s division between the Allies in the post-war...Read more

The Pearl of the European Baroque - former Cistercian Abbey in Krzeszow Tour

clock 8 hours
  • While in Wroclaw take this one day tour to discover the fascinating legacy of the Cistercian monks in our region. See one of the best preserved Lower Silesian medieval strongholds: the Bolkow Castle. Be mesmerized by the beauty and splendor of the former Cistercian abbey in Krzeszow. Discover the 12 apostles - enchanting wooden houses of the...Read more

Poznan Day Tour from Wroclaw

clock 12 hours
  • Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with incredible sights of immense historic value. Discover this rich heritage while admiring the Archcathedral (where it is widely believed in the year 966 the baptism of Poland's first Duke Mieszko I took place); enjoy the old market square with the impressive town hall called the pearl of the Polish...Read more