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Batik Master Class with Full Process

clock 3 hours
  • Learning Batik until the full of process. While waiting for the the batik dry after dying process, we visit the beautiful buddhist temple close to the batik...Read more

Authentic Yogya Bicycle Tour

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Sport, Heritage, Culture, Nature, and Local Wisdom, all in one in this authentic cycling tour.
    We have some spots to visit such as home industry of local people making tempe (soybean cake), Emping (belinjo chips), Jamu ( Traditional elixir), twin temple photo spot, bamboo music instrument, and batik...Read more

Batik Master Class

clock 3 hours
  • Learning making batik painting until the full of process, while waiting for the batik dry after dying process we visit the beautiful budhist temple near by the batik class...Read more

Yogyakarta Village & Temple Cycling Tour

clock 8 hours
  • Cycling tours are favored by tourists. Getting around the village of the Sojiwan Temple or Plaosan Temple through the Prambanan,and sewu Temple is the most popular.

    Walk around the village accompanied by English-speaking local guides through rice fields, farms and local people. Cycling tours are carried out far from the city and there are...Read more

Horse Riding Class in Prambanan

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Horse riding class for beginners or for riders with experience to improve the technique lead by a professional trainer and he was an athlete of horse racing and the horse we will use are trained and safe.

    Special class in our place is natural ride. It means riding the horse without saddle that will make you feel friendly with the...Read more

Yogyakarta City Walking Tour

clock 1 day 8 hours
  • We start exploring a community sited by the river in Yogyakarta city, to know and meet locals closely and see the facts and reality. Afterwards, we drive the the palace where the King used to rule Yogyakarta, also visiting the King's and family's properties (Royal Horse carts museum etc.). Before enjoying a delicious meals we will stop by at a...Read more

Yogyakarta Silvercrafting Short Course

clock 2 hours
  • This activity is interesting and authentic because this is done by local artisan (silversmith) that becomes their daily job. Further more, you do it at their work space with authentic condition. All the process done by hand and finally bring home your...Read more

Traditional Weaving Experience

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Traditional weaving technique is almost vanished these days, mostly they are now made by machine. However, many people in Indonesia still wear hand made woven clothes due to its unique and beautiful pattern, as well as its durability. Learn about beautiful woven clothes as well as the traditional weaving technique. The pattern also has its own...Read more

Javanese Dance Lesson

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Most of dance movement is energetic, except maybe Ballet and Javanese classical dance, which is even slower than Ballet. The beautiful movement of the dance represent a very deep and philosophical meaning that relates to the stories of people in Java during ancient times. You may have never seen  the performance except in Indonesia, and...Read more