Alava is one of Spain’s historical provinces. It is located in the northern part of the country in the Bosque Country. Alava is right at the top of the country, which means that it is right next to France.

Alava offers a transitional climate as it is located inland between the humid climate of the cities to the north affected by the Atlantic Ocean and the dry climates from the cities to its south that are affected by the Ebro River.

The city of Alava is known for its wonderful array of food, and many types of restaurants can be found there. The food is somewhat unique to the area and is one thing that all visitors to the area should try. Additionally, there are many museums located throughout the city.

The Archaeology Museum offers a collection of remains that have been found throughout the area. One unique museum for those that are interested in the history of cards is the Fournier Playing Card Museum. The museum is located in the medieval portion of the city and offers hundreds of different collections of playing cards. The Lanterns Museum offers a wonderful display of 267 lanterns that are made of polychrome glass.

The city of Alava is perfect for all nature lovers. The vineyards offer reddish soils, the mountains offer spectacular views, and the green valleys all have lush landscapes. There are 20 natural areas that are protected in the region, all of which are places of beauty.

Getting around Alava has been made easier through a highly-developed system of infrastructures designed for transportation by road, railway and through the air. The city is easily connected to the rest of the country of Spain as well as throughout Europe. Consider car hire in Vitoria Airport to meet all of your transportation needs while visiting the city.

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