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Top Tourist Attractions Passes

What is a sightseeing pass? This is a card, app or other type of pass that readily provides free or reduced admission to the most popular tourist attractions in a particular city. Some of these passes also include discounts on select dining, shopping, and other forms of entertainment. These amazing sightseeing passes cards are available in most major European and world tourist cities, and there are varieties to choose from. You have to keep this in mind – not all passes are created equal, the amount of savings varies from city to city and even from card to card. The variation also comes in terms of composition; while some contain access to public transportation while others do not, some give travelers the ability to design their own itinerary while others are prepared already, and lots more.

Each of these passes typically includes admission into that city’s top attractions, making them a great fit for first-time visitors and sightseeing lovers. Most sightseeing passes include “fast track entry” – this is the feature that can save travelers from hours of waiting in line at popular destinations because while traveling, time is as valuable as your money practically. In this list, we’ve grouped all passes destination by destination including all the info you need to decide if a certain pass is right for you. So for travelers who want to enjoy their sightseeing tours, these sightseeing passes cards are the right option for you.

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