Asturias is an autonomous community that is located in Spain. The area was once known as the Kingdom of Asturias during the middle ages. The community is bordered by Castile and Leon on the south, Cantabria on the east, Bay of Biscay on the north, and Galicia on the west.  Oviedo is the capital of community, and Gijon is the largest city in the area.

Asturias offers a large coastline that boasts many natural sea caves, coves, and beaches. The Cantabrian Mountains form the border of the community. The eastern range of the mountains is home to Picos de Europa National Park. The park offers some of the highest and most beautiful mountains.

The climate in the area is similar to the rest of the north-western part of the country of Spain, as it is varied. The summers are typically hot and humid, and the winters are often cold and have some extremely cold snaps, especially in the mountainous areas. Snow is present in the mountains from October through May.

The capital of Oviedo offers many spectacular architectural sites for visitors to see. The Santa Maria del Naranco was declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site in 1985. The architecture of the church is pre-Romanesque. The building orders were made by Ramiro of Asturias, and it was made to be part of the larger complex which includes San Miguel de Lillo.

Another wonderful place to visit in the Asturias is the coastal city of Gijon. The city is considered to be the centre of beach tourism for the northern part of Spain. The traditional food in the area is quite popular as well. The city is also a large producer of cider.

The area is served by the Ovideo Airport. As there is so much to see and do around the area, when travelling one should consider car hire in Ovideo Airport for all their transportation needs.

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