Located alongside the Atlantic Ocean in north-central Portugal, the city of Aveiro provides a unique charm that most other European cities do not.  This town of 78,000 residents provides vacationers with many sights to see and beaches to frolic upon.

Aveiro enjoys a true Mediterranean climate of warm summers, and milder wetter winters.  Although Aveiro receives over 90 centimetres of rain yearly, only five and a half centimetres of rain will fall between June and August.  The rest of the year evenly receives the rest of the rain, with an increase in December and January.  During the summer, daytime high temperatures exceed 24 degrees Celsius on a consistent basis.  Even lows during the summer fall to a very warm 16 degrees.  At the coldest time, January high temperatures reach a comfortable 15 degrees Celsius with night-time lows of six degrees.

Aveiro’s most famous attractions are the canals that are located throughout the city.  Aveiro has been nicknamed “The Portuguese Venice” for the canals and gondolas that utilize the water.  The canals pass by many cultural places, which include:

Aveiro Museum:  Opened in 1911 in the convent of Jesus, the museum contains unique exhibits, like a portrait and tomb of former convent resident Santa Joana.

Aveiro Cathedral:  Built in 1464 as the Monastery of Sao Domingo, this cathedral was remodelled in the 16th and 17th centuries to barracks.   These barracks were burnt down, leaving the original monastery as the home for the cathedral.

If travelling to Aveiro, you will likely fly into Porto Airport.  You will want to consider car hire at Porto Airport in order to travel safely around the city. Make sure you take advantage of exploring the whole country if you hire a car, because Portugal has some sites to behold.

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