The city of Avila is located above sea level at 1131 meters, which makes it the highest capital in the country of Spain. Avila is located in the community of Leon and Castile. One of the most notable things about the city is that it has Romanesque medieval city walls completely around it. The city also has one of the highest amounts of churches in relation to the number of people in the area.

The city of Avila experiences a Mediterranean climate when referring to the definition of such under the Koppen climate classification system. The city has summers that are warm and chilly winters, more often than not with snow. July is considered to be the hottest month, with an average temperature being 19.7 degrees Celsius. January is typically the coldest month with temperatures averaging 2.8 degrees Celsius.

As a visitor to Avila, there are many sites to see. The city is one of the best examples of the type of walled cities that existed during the medieval period in Spain. The city offers many monuments, cathedrals, churches, and convents throughout its narrow streets. The city of Avila gives a clear history of Spain during the medieval time period.

The most famous structure in the city is of course the Medieval City Walls, which visitors can tour throughout the year. The walls surround the city and stand 14 meters high and 3 meters thick. The cost for the defensive walls visit is €4.50. Children are free and there are discounted rates available.

The Avila Cathedral is open for visitors throughout the year. It was built during the 12th century and joins the medieval walls of the city. The cathedral was built in dedication to San Salvador and is considered to be a cathedral and castle. While inside the castle, it is possible to view the changes that took place from the Romanesque period into the gothic period of the country. Visitors should note the lopsided look of the west façade as well as the fact that the cathedral is technically not finished as the south tower was not built.

In order to visit the city of Avila, tourists must fly into the Madrid Barajas Airport. In order to get to your destination and to view all the wonderful sites the city has to offer, consider car hire in Madrid Airport.

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