As the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is also the largest city in the state. Depending on how you look at it Greater Boston has the 10th biggest metropolitan area in the United States with 4.5 million people. With this being said, the city of Boston only has a population of 600,000 people. If you take into account the Greater Boston metropolitan area the total amount of people is still only one million more than Los Angeles.

Boston is a city that is known all throughout the world because of events like the Boston Tea Party that happened during the American Revolution. These events really manage to draw in the tourists. This is why car hire in Boston is so popular, because in order to see all the places around the city it is best to use a car rather than public transport.

Boston is well-known for its higher-education programs. In fact, Boston is widely considered one of the most intelligent places to live. Furthermore, in a recent study, Boston was considered as the 3rd best place to live in the USA, with many not opting to give it the top spot because the cost of living in the area was too high.

Boston has plenty of sites like the oldest public park in the United States Boston Common. Furthermore, for the more cultural person the Boston Opera House and Boston National Historic Park are two sites that need to be on the list when in Boston.

Serious crime in Boston is at an all-time low. What was described as the Boston Miracle saw the murder rate in the capital drop 4/5’s in a decade from 1990 to 1999.

Boston has a rather strange climate. The summer months are very hot with roughly a 26°C average high in summer months. However, temperatures drop to -3°C in the winter months. This means that Boston technically has a humid continental climate. Due to this and its location, Boston experiences a lot of rain and snow. In fact, snow can start in November and sometimes last until April.

Boston has one of the strongest links to sport out of any capital in the country. Boston has four big players in the four major leagues in the US. The Boston Red Sox (MLB), Boston Celtics (NBA), New England Patriots (NFL) and Boston Bruins (NHL) are the biggest teams in the region. Furthermore, the New England Revolution (MLS) and Boston Blazers (NLL) are other big teams that call Boston their home.

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