Alicante is located in the South of Spain and is considered a major port city on the Mediterranean Sea. The climate of the city is affected by the sea with average annual temperatures of 17.8 degrees. January is typically the coldest month of the year with an average low of six degrees Celsius. The warmest month of the year is August, which sees temperature averages ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. September and October are the wettest months of the year. However, the average rainfall totals for the year are only 13.2 inches, which is a lot less then the majority of other destinations in Europe.

One of the most popular places to visit in Alicante is the Castle of Santa Barbara. The castle sits high above the city and offers spectacular views. The tower is the oldest part of the castle. The lower part of the castle and the wall surrounding it were finished somewhat later in the 18th century.

El Palmeral Park is one of the most popular parks among residents and visitors alike. The park offers playgrounds for children as well as several walking trails. There are ponds and brooks located throughout the park as well. In addition, there is an auditorium that offers concerts throughout the year.

Some of the other popular places to visit in the city include the 15th century Monastery of Santa Faz, the Basilica of Santa Maria, the Castle of San Fernando, and Gravina Palace, all of which draw in an abundance of tourists every year.

Alicante is home to two football teams, Hercules CF and Alicante CF. Football is one of the most popular sports in the city. The city is also the starting point for the popular yacht race, the Volvo Ocean Race.

When visiting the city consider car hire in Alicante Airport for your transportation needs. With so many places to visit and do, you are going to need reliable transportation.

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