Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.  In fact, it scores as one of the top five cities offering cultural activities per 1 million inhabitants.  It is a huge city, divided into many different areas, so if you are thinking of visiting Cleveland, you may want to read up on the different areas so you know exactly where you do and don’t want to go.


Cleveland has four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and really lives up to the stereotype of each of these seasons.  Summers are hot, autumns offer vibrant reds and oranges in the falling leaves, winters are bitter and the place gets covered with snow and spring is one of the most beautiful times of year to visit Cleveland, with an array of colourful blooms.  Temperatures are never extreme, but simply what you would expect them to be in a given season.

Things to See and Do

Cleveland is most famous for its architecture and infrastructure and there is plenty to see and do in those areas.  Being such a culturally diverse city, there are also many cultural activities organised on a daily basis.  It is also a fantastic city for those interested in art, with countless galleries and museums for you to visit.  Of course, there are also many parks and botanical gardens for those who enjoy the beauty of nature.

Getting Around

Getting around Cleveland is very easy to do, whether you are travelling by air, land or water.  You can take a boat, you can fly in (or out) or you could opt for car hire Cleveland and see as much of the local area as you want.  Public transport such as buses and trams are also good and reliable, so they are certainly another option to consider.

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