Located off the coast of Greece, Corfu is just as popular with holiday makers now as it was several decades ago.  Planted with in excess of two million olive trees the island has a lush appearance compared to other Greek islands.  Holiday makers enjoy a variety of good food and excellent wine which makes a visit there all the more enjoyable.


The main holiday season for the islands, when most of the tourists arrive is between May and October, as this is when the weather is at its best. May and June see pleasant temperatures with them starting to rise in July until they peak in August along with the humidity levels. Late August may see some thunderstorms. September and October sees the temperature and humidity lowering and holidaymakers will still be able to soak up the sun on the beach during the day, but will need a light jacket for the now cooler evenings.

Things to See and Do

Beauty spots, water parks and golf courses are scattered across the island. Traditional Greek churches and monasteries are always worth visiting, filled with beautiful icons and statues that blaze colour.  Travel up into the mountains and explore a deserted village with only a few sheep left in residence, or relax and sit in one of the islands beautiful bays and watch the private yachts sailing by.

Getting Around

Local buses and taxis travel up and down the narrow mountain roads with ease. Speed boats and motor launches can be hired to explore around the outside of the island. For exploring the interior of the island a hire car is a great option, less expensive than public transport Car Hire Corfu is a great way of getting around the area, discovering what you might not ever find on an organised excursion.  Use the website to compare the companies and book online.

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