Cuenca is located in the central part of Spain and is the capital of the province of the same name. The city is located on a steep spur, with gorges extending into the Huecar and Jucar rivers. There are two different settlements of the city. The new part is located in a south-western position from the old city.


When visiting the city of Cuenca, expect a typical continental Mediterranean climate, which is common in the country. The winters in the city can get quite cold, and the summers are hot. The seasons of spring and fall are typically very short, offering pleasant temperatures during the day, but nights that are quite cold.


There are many wonderful sites located in the city of Cuenca, including the Cuenca Cathedral. The cathedral was built during 1182 through 1270. The building crumbled in 1902, but was rebuilt. The style of the cathedral is gothic, and it was the first one of this type within Spain.


Saint Peter Church and he Saint Micheal Church offer visitors a unique look into the Spanish culture. St Michael’s church was known to have classical music concerts during the 20th century, and the church is home to Religious Music Week. This makes these sites ideal for those who enjoy both architecture and music.


There are several museums located in the city of Cuenca as well. They include the Archaeological museum, the Diocese’s Museum, the Museum of Abstract Art and the Museum of Science.


The city of Cuenca is served by the Madrid Airport. While there is a high-speed rail that takes travellers from the capital of Madrid to Cuenca, the best option for travelling to Cuenca is to consider car hire in Madrid Airport. Having a car to visit all the wonderful destinations that the city has to offer will make the experience in the city much more enjoyable.

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