Dream Family Holidays

Every family has a place in mind that they have dreamed about visiting. The problem is that they think that they cannot afford to visit these locations. However, with a little bit of planning it is possible to visit some great holiday destinations on a real family budget. Here are some tips for visiting some of the best destinations.


When considering a  trip to Hawaii it is best to travel to either Maui or Oahu as there are typically better deals on flights to these two islands. Travelling to Hawaii in the early fall or from January through the middle of April will cost less as well.

Many of the upscale resorts on the island are starting to lower their rates and add in perks. There are some great package deals available if you take the time to search for them. Check out packages from Hilton Hawaiian Village and Turtle Bay Resort. Most of the resorts offer activities for the entire family as well as discounts on spa services and other amenities as well.Dream Family Holidays

There are many free activities available throughout the islands. You can visit any of the beaches for free, take hula lessons, and learn how to make a lei all for no charge. Consider  travel by car to the different beaches and wildlife trails located throughout the island.

Disney World

Disney World is a trip that most parents cringe at the thought of simply because of the cost. However, there are some great ways to save money on this must do family holiday. Avoid visiting the resort from the middle of February through the middle of April and from the late part of November through December to save money on airfare.

When considering hotels you cannot beat the convenience offered by staying at one of the Disney Resorts. Many of the hotels throughout Orlando provide free shuttle service to all of the theme parks. This is a good choice if you are considering SeaWorld or Universal Studios visits as well.

Most of the restaurants in the area serve the same menu for lunch and dinner, but the dishes cost about a third less before four p.m. Take time out to eat your big meal earlier in the day to save money. In addition, Disney allows you to carry in your own snacks. This can save you a bundle when it comes to food purchases throughout the day.

Instead of paying extra for the water parks at the theme park you are visiting take advantage of the pools that are located at your resort. While the water parks are great for teenagers, younger kids will have just as much fun hanging out at the pool at the hotel.

Caribbean and Mexico

The best time to visit these areas is during the early part of the summer. This is when the threat of bad weather is lower and ticket prices drop because it is still the off season. Generally, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands will cost the least to fly to. However, do some research as you may find discounts to some of the other areas as well.

There are many great places to stay throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. Some of the resorts have rates as low as $40 per night per person. This fee will cover activities and meals as well. Some of the activities include tennis, kayaking, and even a mini disco for the children. Maho Bay located in the U.S. Virgin Islands offers an eco-friendly resort located near a national park. There are many great family nature programs available. Atlantis in the Bahamas is a great family resort that offers waterslides, play areas for the kids and activities for the adults.

All-inclusive resorts are great as they provide you with food and drink throughout your stay. If you choose another hotel consider some of the street vendors for cheap meals. There are many great restaurants located throughout the Caribbean and Mexico that offer meals for a reasonable price.

Most of the beaches throughout the Caribbean are free. Bring your own snorkelling gear and you will save money on having to rent it. Another popular activity in these areas is hiking. There are some great hiking trails and the cost to visit them is free.


When it comes to travelling with a family on a budget there are several things that you can do in order to save money. First, travelling to your destination during the off season is the best way to save on air fare as well as on hotel and attraction costs. Airfare during non-peak travel times can be as much as a third lower than during the peak travel times.

Make sure to research the different hotels and resorts in an area. In some cases it may be worth it to stay outside of a particular area and to hire a car to travel to and from your destinations. Often times you will be able to find a great deal on your hotel and the cost of a holiday car rental will be minimal.

One of the most expensive aspects of a holiday with the family is food. Consider a hotel or condo that has a kitchen. This will allow you to purchase food from a grocery store and cook meals yourself. This can help save a lot of money that can be used to do other fun things on your holiday. Another option is the all-inclusive resort. These resorts will require a per person fee, but they include food, drinks, and entertainment for your holiday. This can lower the cost of your entire trip.

Finally, do some research on your destination to find some free activities that are available. If you are going to a beach destination most of the time you will be able to spend some time on the beach at no cost. There are some great city destinations that offer unique street entertainment for free as well.

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