Home to the southernmost city in Portugal, the city of Faro has a rich history, stunning architecture, and spectacular weather.  With a population of 42,000 residents, Faro makes up a full two thirds of the municipality’s overall populace.  Faro also serves as the regional capital for Algarve, which runs along Portugal’s southern border with the Atlantic Ocean.

For a trip back in time, a trip to the Centro Historico is a must see.  The Old City part of Faro has remained untouched since initial building in the 18th century.  Portuguese and Moorish architecture are located throughout the Centro Historico, all lining small cobblestone streets.  The biggest charm of the old section of town is that nearly all buildings are well-maintained and preserved, unblemished by modern day influences.

A Rio Formosa boat tour is a two and a half hour excursion into a nature reserve located along the Formosa River.  The reserve extends across Portugal and into Spain. Included in the boat trip is a stop on an island for that additional enjoyment of nature Portuguese style.

Rivalling other European beaches is the Praia de Faro, which runs for several kilometres along the Atlantic coast.  Due to its length, the beach never appears to suffer from overcrowding.  This popular destination is frequented by those departing shortly, as the beach is located just past the airport from the city.

One of the more bizarre sights in Faro is the Capela dos Ossos.  This site, located inside the Igreja do Carmo Church, is adorned with the skeletons of more than 1,200 monks throughout the chapel.

Faro enjoys a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, complete with warm to hot summers and mild evenings.  Average summer high temperatures reached approach 30 degrees Celsius, with night-time lows of a mild 18 degrees. In winter, high temperatures of 16 degrees Celsius are not uncommon, with low temperatures of 8 degrees in January.  Faro receives 52 centimetres of rain per year, with summer being unusually drier than the rest of the year.  Sunlight is prevalent in Faro, with over 3,000 of sunlight on average every year.

Faro Airport, just 3 kilometres from the centre of town, is most likely where you would fly into if travelling to the city of Faro.  For travelling to and around Faro, consider a car hire at Faro Airport.

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