Forli Airport

Forli airport is a very small airport located in the North East of Italy.  It only services two airlines which are and Belle Air however it has been a popular choice with passengers in recent years, mainly because it is very conveniently located on a railway line.  Forli itself is also becoming an increasingly popular destination.  It is most renowned for its fabulous local artists as well as the dictator Mussolini.


Being a very small airport, there is not much available in terms of facilities at Forli Airport.  However, they do have an airport ticket desk, where you will be able to purchase tickets for flights offered by the two airlines.  They do calculate a commission on every flight though, which is something to be aware of.  The terminal is fully compliant with equality and diversity laws, meaning that those with limited mobility or other disabilities will be fully able to access the terminal.


There is only a single terminal at Forli Airport, servicing only a few flights every day.  There is not much available in terms of food, drink or shopping either due to the size of the airport.

Getting To and From the Airport

Forli airport is conveniently connected to other destinations in Italy via rail.  There is also an aerobus available for passengers who just want to travel into the city.  You may also want to consider car hire Forli Airport as most of the major car rental companies operate from here.  Hiring a car is a great option, because it allows you to see far more of the beautiful surroundings of Forli, and enables you to travel around at a pace that suits you.  Use the website to compare the prices and book online.

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