Gerona is a city that is located in the north-eastern part of Catalonia in Spain. The city is located where the rivers Onyar, Guell, Ter, and Galligants meet. The city is approximately 99 kilometres north and east of the city of Barcelona.

The climate in Gerona is quite mild. The winters in the city can see temperatures that drop to around -5 degrees Celsius. This is mainly due to the winds that come in from the Pyrenees. The summer months can see temperatures that get between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius, especially during July and August. During the spring, many thunderstorms can occur and typically, there is a lot of rain in the winter. The winter also commonly has frost, which can make the temperatures seem a bit colder than they actually are.

Gerona is a popular city among tourists as well as among citizens of Barcelona on a day trip. The old town is located on the west side of the river on a steep hill. The more modern area of the city is located on the east side of the river on the plains.

One of the popular places to visit in the city is the cathedral. The ancient cathedral was first used as a mosque by the Moors, and after they were expelled from the area, the cathedral was completely rebuilt or remodelled. The edifice that now stands there is an extremely important monument built by Jaume Fabre, a Majorcan architect. It offers a wonderful sample of the Spanish/gothic architectural style.

Another popular place to visit in the city is the old fortifications. These fortifications have protected Gerona from invaders for centuries. In the old town, the city wall played an important role in military construction during the Roman times.

The Monastery of San Daniel is part of the religious complex in the area and offers another popular tourist destination.

The city of Gerona is served by the Gerona-Costa Brava Airport. When travelling to the city, you are going to need a way to get around, for this reason you should consider car hire in Gerona-Costa Brava Airport.

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