Huelva is located in the south west of Spain and is the capital of the province of the same name. The city is located near the Gulf of Cadiz. Huelva is a port city, with a port that is divided into two sectors. The main port is the outer port, and the inner port is located in the city.


Huelva is home to the Recreativo de Huelva football club. This club is known to be the oldest football club in all of Spain. The Rio Tinto Group, which was a British Mining Company, founded the team in 1889.


The climate in Huelva is fairly moderate. The mean temperatures in the months of November to February are 12.7 degrees Celsius to 15.3. During March and April, the average is from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius. During the summer months of May through September, the temperatures average between 18 and 25.5 degrees Celsius.


There are many attractions in Huelva, and among them are the sites dedicated to Christopher Columbus. The sites include the city in itself, as well as the Palos de la Frontera, the Moguer, and Rabida Monastery. The Rabida Monastery is the location at which Columbus approached the Franciscan brothers for his project of discovery. The brothers introduced him to some of the local sailors who had money and then eventually helped to arrange a meeting with Isabella and Ferdinand in Seville.


There are several fiestas that take place in the city throughout the year, including; the Fiestas Colombinas during the first week of August, the Semana Santa during Easter, and the Virgen de la Cinta on the eighth of September.


The largest and closest airport to Huelva is the Seville Airport. When planning a visit to the area it is worth considering car hire in Seville airport in order to make sure you can make it to all of your destinations.

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