Back in the 19th centaury 40% of the world’s trade went through Liverpool docks, and this is one of the main reasons why Liverpool is a city that is held in such high regard today.

Of course, Liverpool has also had a strong link with the world of music, and arguably, the biggest band in the world grew up in Liverpool, The Beatles. There are various sites around the Liverpool town centre that draw in thousands of visitors every year that are related to the band and its members.

Liverpool was awarded the European Capital of Culture in 2008, which was the first time that a British city had been awarded it since Glasgow back in 1990 and the initial time an English city had won the award since its introduction.

Liverpool is a city with a strong sporting background. As the leading English club with the most European titles, Liverpool Football Club is a name that is well recognised by other teams around Europe. Furthermore, Everton is an English premier league club with a historical background. Both Everton and Liverpool have been in the Premier League since its formation back in 1992. Past football, the Mersey Tigers are a successful team in the BBL (British Basketball League.) Liverpool also has a strong presence in European boxing.

As a northern city, Liverpool is colder than cities to the south of it. The highest average temperature in the year is 20°C in July, and the lowest in January is 2.2°C. Furthermore, 33.82 inches of rain fall throughout the year, which is about average for the country.

Famous landmarks in Liverpool include the Albert Dock, which has the largest amount of grade one buildings of anywhere in England. The Stanley Dock Tobacco House, which was built in 1901, was actually the biggest building in the whole world in terms of its area. Even today it is still the world’s largest brickwork building. Other places of note include the Liverpool Cathedral and West Tower, which is the tallest building in the county.

Liverpool is a city that needs to be explored, and the best way to do this is through car hire in Liverpool. There are plenty of roads connecting Liverpool to other cities in the UK. The M62, which leads onto the M6 and M1 run though Liverpool, which makes car hire in Liverpool favourable for visitors to the area.

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