Los Angeles

As the second biggest city in America, Los Angeles is the home of just under 3.8 million people (2010.) When you take into account that the metropolitan area is one of the largest in the world with 12.8 million people (2010) you can see how popular both the city and the surrounding areas are.

Los Angeles is an important city in world finances and business. A recent study declared that Los Angeles was the third richest city and the fifth most powerful in the world.

Los Angeles has been seen to be a leader in the entertainment business for decades. Music, television, films and even computer games are all produced in abundance in the city, which has brought in a lot of celebrities to the areas, which has in turn increased both the money spent in some areas and tourism.

The weather in Los Angeles is another positive. Throughout the year Los Angeles only receives 35 days (on average) of measurable precipitation.  Throughout the year, the highest average is 29.3°C (in August,) while the lowest average is 9.1°C (in December.)

Some of the most important land marks in the city include; Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Boulevard. These sites draw in millions of tourists every year.

It is believed that one in every six people that resides in Los Angeles works in the entertainment industry, in one way or another, which is unsurprisingly the highest rate of any city in the world.  The vast amount of people working in this industry has led to an average of three shows opening every single day at a theatre in Los Angeles. Los Angeles also has 841 museums and art galleries, which means that it has the highest museum per capita rate in the world.

With all of this in mind it is not hard to see why tourism to the area is one of the main sources of income. There are plenty of industries within the trade that makes a good amount of money from the vast amount of international and domestic tourists. One of these industries is car hire in Los Angeles.

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