Lugo is a city that is located in the North West area in Spain. The city is located in the community of Galicia and is the capital of the province of the same name. The city of Lugo is located on a hill and is surrounded by three rivers, Rato, Minho, and Chanca. In 2002, the city was declared by UNESCO to be a Biosphere Reserve.


When visiting Lugo, you will experience a humid oceanic climate. The summers in the city are dry with temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. The winter months are quite mild, and the average low temperatures are from 1.5 to 3 degrees Celsius, with the high ranging from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. On average, there are six days of snow a year.


One of the highlights of the city is the Roman Walls that surround it. It is the only city in the entire world that still has completely intact Roman walls. The walls have 71 towers and reach heights of 10 to 15 meters. There are 10 gates featured in the walls, and the length is 2117 meters. The walls were built during the third century and are declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The Cathedral in the city was built in 1129, and it was dedicated to Saint Mary. The main towers and fa├žade date back to 1769. Other churches of interest in the city are the Church of Saint Dominic and the Church and Convent of Saint Francis.


The City Hall, The Roman Bridge, Rosalia of Castro Park, and the Palace de la arts are other places of interest to visit while in the city.


In addition, there are two important festivals held in the city each year, the Arde Lucas festival takes place during the last part of June and celebrates the Castro and Roman parts of the city. The St. Froilan festivity lasts from the fourth through the twelfth of October and is dedicated to the patron saint of the city.


The closest airport to the city of Lugo is the Santiago airport, which is around 70 kilometres away. When travelling to the city you will need to consider car hire in Santiago airport in order to get to Lugo and all the sites the city has to offer.

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