Most Romantic Holiday Places in the World

Couples are always looking for a great place to get away from everything and simply enjoy each other. Maybe you are looking for a place to go on your honeymoon, or perhaps you just need to escape for a weekend. There are many great places from which you can choose. Perhaps it is a garden  restaurant located in Florence, Italy. Maybe you would enjoy taking a peaceful canoe ride through the Okavango Delta in Botswana. There are moments that are truly inspiring when you are in love. Here are some of the most romantic places you will find throughout the world. These are sites that will surely get you in the mood for love.Most Romantic Holiday Places in the World

Romantic Islands

If you are looking for an island getaway consider visiting Corsican Liberty. The island is located off the southeast coast of France and offers cloudless days, an ocean full of marine life to explore, and rugged mountain peaks to enjoy.

Another great island to consider is Maui. In order to enjoy all this Hawaiian island has to offer you need to throw away the guidebooks and take in the glorious beauty all on your own. There are black sand beaches that are unspoiled, nature walks to hold hands-on and enjoy the beauty, and waterfalls at every turn.

Burgh Island Bound in South Devon offers a gleaming white hotel, the Burgh Island Hotel to stay in. This place is right out of a novel offering stunning suites, an art-deco style, as well as generous happy hours.

Fregate Island gives you a chance to forget reality for a while and enjoy each other. The island only allows forty guests at a time. You will enjoy outdoor showers, daybeds, and Jacuzzis. It will just be the two of you enjoying the ocean water lapping against the shores.

Special Spots

Moroccan Moyen Age offers you a chance to explore Morocco in a whole new way. The winding streets and souks are wonderful to explore, and you will soon forget that you are living in the 21st century. The scents, colours, and sounds of the mosques and cobbled alleyways are simply overwhelming and will set you at peace with yourself and your lover.

New York City

If you are visiting New York City, you may think that there is no place romantic to go. However, you would be wrong. Nestled in the city is the Cantor Roof Garden sitting on top of the Met. This 10000 square foot terrace is decked out with yew trees and wisteria. You can see the entire city from this view, and Central Park has never looked better.


Visiting Rule India offers a unique romantic experience like no other. The area is still a citadel and has been since 1156. The townhouses are decorated with latticework that is simply intricate. The royal residences have been converted into hotels and offer the chance to stay in what feels like a living museum. Here, in the air that is dry and dusty time seems to stop.


Of course, Italy is one of the top romantic places to visit. Positano is a city that was built into the Amalfi coast and is perfect for lovers, water babies, sun slaves, and gastronomes. Make a reservation at one of many waterside restaurants and enjoy the wonderfully romantic views.


Montreal allows you to make your own history while trekking under the stars through Mount Royal Park. Begin your walk at Beaver Lake and follow along the promenade through the woods. Cuddle with your favourite person at the lookout located at the stately Chalet. The shining lights below will simply leave you breathless.


Bruges offers a city that is ripe with every symbol of love. Even the government gets in on the act offering a statue located near city hall that honours the couples who were married there. The city offers wonderfully romantic Gothic Churches and mansions from the 17th century to visit and pass the days away.

Mosquito Bay

While taking a guided tour on a motorboat does not seem like the most romantic holidays, once you enter Mosquito Bay, which is a lagoon located off Vieques, you will have forgotten that is the case. Millions of microscopic organisms light up the water looking like tiny little stars. The stunning glow of these organisms scatters every time that you make a splash. This is truly something worth seeing during your lifetime.


While Iran may not make everyone’s list of romantic spots, Shiraz is embedded with centuries of lust for wine and poetry. Take a picnic to Bagh-e-Eram and enjoy the wonderful fragrances of orange blossoms and roses. On Friday follow the Shirazis to the ornate tombs of the revered poets of the country.


Sedona offers a desert sky that is bluer than any you have seen. At sunset, you will think that every red rock has a light in it. The scent in the air is junipers, and it is fantastic and relaxing. Even for those that are not new agers, Sedona has a way of awakening life within you and really isn’t that what romance is all about? Most Romantic Holiday Places in the World


Seville is the capital of Andalusia in Spain and offers a jewel box of Moorish and Christian architecture. Alcazar and the Catedral de Sevilla are the two most brilliant jewels. Explore both places and take a walk through the secret gardens located in Barrio de Santa Cruz. The perfect romantic day can end with watching the sun rise above the Guadalquivir River.


A Roman holiday is the perfect holiday choice if you are looking for romance. After all, it is clear to see that romance starts with Roman. Relax along the streets of Rome and enjoy the food and the views. Hold hands and walk through the wonderful houses to enjoy all the architecture the city has to offer.


There are so many stunning places to visit, and as long as you have a positive attitude you will be able to make a holiday anywhere into the romantic venture that you are seeking. No matter what types of activities or things that you enjoy, there is a place in this world that will allow you to take a step back and truly enjoy all the wonderful things this world has to offer. When planning your trip make sure that you consider a car hire so that you will have a way to get around.

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