NavarraNavarra is a city located in the northern part of Spain. The city borders Aragon, La Rioja, and the Basque Country in Spain and the Aquitaine of France. The city of Pamplona is the capital of the community. The area of Navarra is relatively small, but offers stark contrasts of geography. The area is dominated by the Pyrenees mountain range on one side and the Ebro River valley plains on the other.


The city offers four distinct seasons with hot summers and temperatures reaching as high as 35 degrees Celsius in July. The air in the area is fairly dry, so it is important to make sure and stay hydrated during your visit. The winter months can become considerably cooler and temperatures can reach below 10 degrees Celsius. Both the spring and the fall offer what would be considered moderate temperatures.


Perhaps the most famous event that takes place in the area is the running of the bulls which happens during the first week of July. This time in the city is typically very hot and large crowds of people show up for this historical event. The festival is a celebration of the patron saint San Fermin and of the bull. It lasts for nine days and begins with the firing of rockets to signal the event.


There are plenty of museums of interest in the area as well including the Museo del Encierro, which offers a complete history of the running of the bulls. Another museum of interest in the city is the Museo de Navarra, which offers several exhibits of ancient art and sculpture from the area.


The area is served by the Bolbao Airport. In order to get around the large area of Navarra, consider car hire in Bilbao Airport in order to travel to each destination you wish to visit.

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