OurenseOurense is located in the south-eastern part of Galicia, Spain. The city is the capital of the province of the same name and is the most populous city of the inland area of Galicia. Ourense is approximately 502 kilometres from Madrid and around 95 kilometres from Vigo.


The city of Ourense offers a Mediterranean climate, with fairly mild winters that rarely have temperatures below zero. With this being said the city does see more rainfall than the typical Spanish city.


When visiting the city of Ourense, it is best to wander around and discover what the city has to offer. The old town can be thoroughly visited in one day with stops that should include the cathedral if you want to see some of the history on offer from the city. The San Martino Cathedral was built during King Alfonso the III reign. However, the site that it occupies is that of a Suevian basilica which dates back to 572 AD.


Another wonderful place to visit is the Las Burgas spa. The spa is located at the edge of the old town and is close to both a granite market building and a highway flyover. The spa dates back to the time of the Romans and is one of the reasons that a town was developed in the area, as the warm water from the spring’s offers compensation for the colder winter months. There are small bathing areas still located in the area, but are no longer open to the .


While the city of Ourense does not have its own airport, there are several airports that offer service near the city, such as the Santiago Airport. As the airport is not located in the city of Ourense, it is important to consider car hire in Santiago airport in order to make it to your destination in the city.

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