The largest, highest, and most populated of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife has a lot to offer its visitors. The island sits just off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

The weather is one of the main reasons that people are attracted to the area. The island enjoys perfect weather all year round, meaning that you can visit whenever you want and not worry about how the weather is going to be. The trade winds and the cold-stream Canarias are what contribute to this unique and wonderful weather pattern. The seasons in Tenerife have the lowest amount of temperature differences in the world, with the winters averaging around 15 degrees Celsius and the summers averaging around 24 degrees Celsius.

The central mountain of the island is Mt. Teide, which is 12,200 feet tall. Visitors can enjoy a cable car ride to the summit, which offers wonderful views of the landscape of the island. One of the most popular places to stay for young people seeking live music, shops, night clubs, and cabaret bars is Playa de Las Americas.

The island offers many different beaches as well. Some of the beaches have black sand as a result of the volcanic ash from the island, while other beaches have sand that is the lovely golden hue. The south part of the island offers the most amount of sun and is popular for tourists. Some of the more visited beaches on the island include Play de Los Gigantes, on the west coast, Playa de Las Galletas and Fanabe in the south. Playa Del Roque is unique as it takes a boat to get to it, but offers pretty black sand and clean waters. To see some of the beaches in the area, make sure you take advantage of car hire in Tenerife.

One of Spain’s major attractions is the Puerto de La Cruz, which is an old fishing port. The area boasts shops, restaurants, bars as well as a casino.

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