Travel Advice for Jamaica

There are currently no restrictions on travel to Jamaica. However, it is important to note that the country does have a fairly high crime rate, including violent crimes. When visiting Jamaica remain vigilant at all times, especially when visiting areas such as Harbour view, Grant’s Pen, West Kingston, parts of Montego Bay, and Spanish Town.


The motive for most of the attacks on tourists is robbery. When visiting Jamaica make sure that you do not hp/viagra-lowest-prices/’ title=’viagra lowest prices’>viagra lowest prices travel with anything of extreme value. Leave jewellery and other expensive items in the safe in your hotel room.

You should try not to walk anywhere alone while on holiday in Jamaica. It is also important to be very careful when taking money out of an ATM. While most of the hotels and resorts in the country have security, follow all the safety advice provided by your hotel. Always report any suspicious activity to the staff of your hotel without delay as they can help you if they believe there could be a problem.

Driving in Jamaica

Jamaica laws allow United Kingdom driver’s license for up to six months. One great idea is to consider sports car hire in Jamaica in order to see the beauty that they country offers. The island of Jamaica offers a lot of beautiful places to see and enjoy and what better way than in a sports car or convertible.

Local Laws and Customs

Although it is well believed that it is legal to smoke marijuana aka ganja in Jamaica, this is not the case. There are actually severe penalties for all types of drug offences, including smoking ganja. There are many British nationals who are arrested each year for trying to traffic marijuana as well as other drugs. Even possessing small amounts of any type of drug can lead to imprisonment.  You can read more about the drug laws of Jamaica here.

Weather Advisories

If planning a trip to Jamaica it is important to know that the hurricane season runs from June through November. If you are planning a trip during this time frame, you will want to make sure that you monitor the local weather before leaving on your holiday. The British High Commission can provide you with information about what to do if you are caught in Jamaica during a hurricane and how to prepare yourself should severe weather arise while you are on holiday.

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