Travel Advice to Brazil

Landslides caused by heavy rain

Recently there has been heavy rain in the Rio area. This has led to huge landslides in the mountainous areas that have killed five and left hundreds homeless in Teresopolis (Rio). If you are travelling to this area, make sure that you keep up to date with the latest developments during travel.

The rainy season in Brazil spreads from November until March in the south and from April until July in the north east. If you are travelling to these areas ensure you are staying in a secure hotel away from any potential landslide areas.

Military police in Rocinha

In recent months there has been an increased level of violence among drug gangs in Rocinha, and because of this, the military has been brought in to help the police. If you are travelling to Rio make sure that you always stay with a group of people and remain vigilant throughout your trip.

Festival and carnival travel

There has been an increase in the number of petty theft cases on tourists around the festival and carnival time. If you do take any items to a carnival, always keep them on your person.

It is important that you do not wear anything expensive, and that you can conceal mobiles and cameras easily. If you follow these steps, it is much less likely that you will be targeted. However, if somebody does approach you with a weapon hand over your items because unfortunately, gangs are not afraid to use their weapons in a robbery.

If you are travelling to Brazil make sure you inform your bank if you intend to use your card. More often than not, your bank will reject transactions or put a block on your card if they see activity coming from Brazil. This means that you have to ring back to get them to unlock your card, a call that can take 20 minutes sometimes and cost you a fortune.

Lack of integration with public transport

Many of the major airports in the country are not connected to any form of public transport except coaches. If you are travelling to an airport like Rio or São Paulo, you may want to take advantage of car hire in Brazil.

If you do hail or hire a taxi, make sure you only take licensed cars. Most airports have licensed taxi desks in the baggage reclaim areas. If a taxi has a photo card with their picture, then this is also a good indication that they are fully licensed.

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