Travel Advice to Egypt

Avoid travel unless essential to far north east

There is an official travel warning currently in place for the north-east of the country bordering Israel due to attacks near the Rafah border crossing. Unless travel is essential, you should not visit this area. However, there is no official warning across the rest of the country.

These disturbances have been caused by the death of 16 Egyptian border guards near the Rafah border crossing at the beginning of August. Since then there have been several further incidences and the crossing remains closed.

Be respectful of difference in laws

Egypt is predominantly a Muslim country. As this is the case, you should ensure you follow local laws and beware of your actions. It is currently Ramadan (20 July and 18 August), and any issues caused in this month could be deemed even more offensive.

If you are travelling outside touristy areas, you should make sure:

  • Women’s clothes should cover their legs and upper arms
  • Men’s clothes cover their chest
  • Public displays of affection should be limited

It should be noted that practicing the Christian faith is not illegal but trying to convert people to Christianity is a serious offense that carries a lengthy prison sentence. Furthermore, homosexuality is not illegal, but public displays of homosexual acts in public are punishable with arrest.

You should also never drink outside licensed premises. This is an offense that can lead to an arrest. Furthermore, procession of any amount of drugs is harshly punished. Those caught in procession can face life imprisonment. Those dealing or trafficking drugs can and have been put to death.

Public Demonstrations

If you are travelling to a large city like Cairo, never get involved in public demonstrations. These demonstrations are related to politics, and some of them have turned violent in the past.

Kidnappings of foreign tourists

In recent months there have been several reports of the kidnappings of tourists. All of these events have taken place by armed people between Nuweiba, Dahab and St Catherine’s in Sinai. Make sure you take caution when travelling around these areas.

There have also been reports of robbers targeting tour busses. If you do not want to take tour busses or public transport, which have both been targeted in the past, make sure you take advantage of hiring holiday cars in Egypt to stay as safe as possible.

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