Travel Advice to Greece

Public Service Strikes

There are currently plenty of public service strikes happening in Greece at the moment. This can cause lots of issues to public transport. These strikes can be called at very short notice so it is imperative that you keep on top of them. If you want to avoid these strikes, make sure that you take advantage of car hire in Greece.

Demonstrations Causing Disruptions

There have been plenty of demonstrations taking place around Syntagma Square in central Athens. It is advised that you steer clear from these demonstrations because recent ones have led to violent disruptions, which has led to tear gas being used. Demonstrations have also taken place in other cities around the country. Greece does have a stable democracy, but public protests are almost standard. For more information about demonstrations visit this page.

Police Standards

It is worth knowing that the police in Greece do not welcome rowdy behaviour from tourists, especially when alcohol is involved. Those who are seen to be behaving in the incorrect way could face prison time but will more likely be heavily fined.

In general, the police are very welcoming to tourists. However, it is important to know that things like mooning or wearing possibly offensive fancy dress can lead to an arrest because you could be breaking contravening decency laws.

Drug consumption is also not tolerated. Even procession of a small amount of a class C drug can lead to heavy jail terms.

In order to identify yourself, it is imperative that you keep a form of photographic identification with you at all times.


There have been three cases of minor domestic terrorism offenses that targeted a small retail store, Administrative Court of First Instance and foreign Embassies. It is advised that every tourist remains vigilant at all times.

Spread of the Nile Virus

In recent months there has been an increase in the number of those suffering from the West Nile Virus. The numbers are still very low, but you should ensure that you take all required precautions at all times. Shield yourself from mosquitoes’ and if you are bitten by one and you start to feel unwell then do go to a Greek hospital.

Natural Disasters

Greece is on a seismically active zone, which means that minor tremors are common. However, big, disruptive earthquakes are few and far between.

Forest fires are common in Greece due to the hot weather. If you spot a forest fire, report it to the authorities. At the same time, do not dispose of cigarette ends from your car window as this is a common cause of forest fires.

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