Travel advice to Switzerland

Weather Risks

When visiting Switzerland it is important to know that there are certain times of the year where there is a moderate danger of an avalanche occurring. You can read more about these risks here. Make sure to adhere to any written notices and take care when visiting the country during these times. When travelling in the Alpines you should make sure that you take out an additional insurance policy to cover any extra medical costs you may incur. Make sure that the policy will cover sport activities like skiing, mountaineering, and pot holing. You also want the insurance to cover any helicopter costs and mountain rescue services. Some of the issues that you should be aware of if planning to travel through the alpines include snow drifts, avalanches, flooding, landslides, rock fall, glacial crevasses, sun exposure, thunder storms, lightning, altitude sickness, and sudden changes in the weather.

Crime in Switzerland

Most travellers to Switzerland will have a trip that is free of any issues. The country has a low rate of serious crimes when compared to that of other countries in Europe. However, it is important to remain alert and note that petty thefts have been on the rise as of recently. Watch out for pick pockets, thieves, and tricksters, especially in the airports, at the railway stations, in city centres, and other popular public places. Scam artists often target tourists so make sure that you pay particular attention. If you receive an email from HMRC, it is likely a scam.

Driving in Switzerland

When renting family cars in Switzerland  and driving through the country, you need to pay attention to any instructions that are provided by the officials and local police in the area. This is especially necessary when travelling the alpine transit routes as these areas see heavy amounts of traffic and bottlenecks. Pay special attention when driving in this area during the winter months. Check weather reports before heading out. Everyone driving in Switzerland is required to have a safety triangle within their reach; it cannot be in the boot of the car.

When travelling on the Swiss motorways you are required to buy and display a vignette. If you do not adhere to this, then you can expect to pay a large fine on the spot. These vignettes can be bought at most of the border crossings and petrol stations as well as at any post office in the country. You can purchase them over the phone or online as well.

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