Travel advice to The Netherlands

Crime in the Netherlands

When travelling to the Netherlands it is important to exercise caution, especially when visiting Amsterdam, as bag snatching and pick pocketing are fairly common. Thieves will typically work in gangs and tend to work near the trains and in the airport at Schiphol. However, they are present in other areas as well. One of the thieves will try to distract you by either asking you for directions or other such questions, and the other person will take your bag or pick your pocket. People that first arrive in the country that have a lot of bags are particular targets for these thieves. Keep track of your luggage always and remain alert at all times.

What to do if you are Involved in a Theft

You should avoid carrying large amounts of money and valuables with you. You should always have a couple of forms of identification with you when travelling in the Netherlands. If someone steals from you, it is important to contact the police station closest to you and report it. If your passport is stolen some carriers will allow you to use the police report in place of your passport. However, you should know that they can refuse to take you if you do not have another form of proper identification. The police report is also necessary in order to obtain a new passport.

Amsterdam Warnings

Police in Amsterdam have issued warnings to travellers about a trend where men from Eastern European countries are pretending to be plain clothed police officers. The scam involves one of the men to approach people to determine if they are tourists. They will then show false police badges and state they are investigating credit card theft and counterfeit money. Often they will ask people to hand over their money and credit cards for identification. They will sometimes ask for PIN numbers as well. The “officers” will return the money and credit cards, but people later note that some of their cards or money is missing. Dutch policemen do not carry badges and will never conduct this type of search. To learn more about this scam and others click here.

Driving in the Netherlands

In order to rent holiday family cars in the Netherlands and drive in the country you must have a valid licence from the United Kingdom, vehicle documents, and appropriate identification. You will need to have written permission from the owner of any vehicle that you are driving that is not yours. Traffic regulations are similar to those of most countries throughout continental Europe.

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