Travel advice to Turkey

Places to Avoid in Turkey

There are several terrorist groups that are active in Turkey. Areas that should be avoided when travelling through the country include the provinces of Tunceli, Surt, Sirnak, and Hakkari. When travelling anywhere in the south-eastern part of the country tourist should remain vigilant at all times.

Terrorist Threat

There is a high threat of terrorism in the country. Many tourist groups are active in the country, and attacks can take place in areas that are frequently visited by foreigners and tourists. There have been terrorist attacks in many of the major cities as well as tourist resorts. There have been attacks against the military, the government, and civilian targets. There have been improvised explosive devices used in crowded areas such as restaurants, in dumpsters, outside hotels, outside of banks, and on mini buses as well as trains. If you choose to visit any area located in the south east part of the country you should be extremely careful and remain vigilant at all times.

Statements have been released from terrorist groups that threaten continued attacks throughout the country, including places that are popular tourist areas. The most-recent incident occurred on the second of June when a British National was kidnapped when travelling by bus from Diyarbakir and Bingol. You can read more about terrorist threats in Turkey here.

Crime in Turkey

The crime rate in Turkey is relatively low. Pick pocketing and robberies are common in popular tourist areas in Istanbul. Be very careful when a stranger approaches you and offers to change money or offers food or drink. These criminals often will drug the food or the drink and then take your belongings while you are under the influence. Do not travel to a club or restaurant with a stranger. Never accept a ride from a stranger and always try to find a taxi that is registered. Make sure that you write down the registration number of the car before getting inside.

Driving in Turkey

Renting holiday rental cars in Turkey comes with some risks. The road conditions of the country are quite bad. There are many road accidents in Turkey and most are caused by reckless or poor driving. Be extremely careful when driving anywhere in Turkey after dark. In order to drive in Turkey you will need to have an international driving permit. It can be issued from the United Kingdom. A notarised copy of your United Kingdom drivers licence will work as well.

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