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Top London Attractions which are Accessible by Public Transportation

London attractions
The quality of even the finest vacation is often determined by the ease of local transportation. Your next destination London adventure proves no exception; discover the best that the city has to offer, from the River Thames to Big Ben, all while enjoying close proximity to easy, cost-effective public transportation. Adhere to our recommended list of must-see London sights and sounds, all easy accessible by bus, boat, train, or subway.

1. The River Thames

The longest continuous river that falls completely within the national confines of England, the River Thames is unique, in that it doubles as both an attraction, and a mode of transportation itself! Welcome to the second-longest river in the entirety of the United Kingdom, visible from a majority of London with its source all the way from the Thames Head in Gloucestershire.

Stretching 215 miles (346 kilometers) in total length, the River Thames also visits Oxford, Reading, and Windsor. It is also perhaps the most decorated river in the world: in 2010, it took home the top environmental award on the face of the planet – The International Riverprize. When visiting the river itself, you’ll notice that much of it is decorated by often dated history, from forgotten water wheels to navigation bridges still in operation today. If you know where to look, you can also discover prehistoric burial grounds, many of which line the river, per ancient custom!

2. The famed theatre district

Accessible by both bus and subway, London’s critically acclaimed theatre district serves as a hub, around which much of the local custom is oriented. Whether you’re simply planning on walking past the cluster of theatres after a few well-deserved pictures, or even if you’re planning on catching a show or two, this location exists as a privilege in itself. Take in the theatre of London’s West End, with close friends or family!

For those individuals looking to cross the London theatre district from their England bucket list, there are a variety of affordable options to take advantage of. The Theatre Passport allows guests to head from one theatre to the next, depending on your individually priced package, while sampling some of the finest theatre in the world. If you’re only planning on taking in a single show, individual tickets are also available at the entrance of each individual theatre, many of which are assigned distinct bus and subway stops, for your convenience.

3. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of Westminster Abbey, complete with its thousand-year-old history, and its role as an absolute staple of any deserving London excursion. Fortunately, the estate is also serviced by a wide variety of public transportation, namely bus, meaning that you can reached the famed church from nearly anywhere in London!

With direct stops on both Route 24 and Route 11, there are multiple ways to each the Abbey itself, and once you’re onsite, the adventure is only beginning. Walk the esteemed grounds of what was originally the home of tenth century Benedictine monks, when a precedent for daily worship was founded, one that still exists in modernity. Visit the tombs and memorials of countless influential citizens, including more than 100 poets and authors.

Gaze upon architecture established mainly during the reign of King Henry III, a marvel characterized by stained glass, diversified pavements, commissioned paintings, and more. Whether you’re looking to book a schedule tour of the grounds, visit the chapel on the premises, or simply count yourself among the lucky visitors to the property, you’ll find it all at the placid Westminster Abbey.

4. Kensington Palace

Complete with both the palace itself and the accompanying gardens, Kensington Palace is of course serviced by both train and bus, one of the must-see locations within the confines of London. Once the permanent home of Princess Diana, this architectural marvel is unique among local buildings, easily identifiable for its grandeur and showmanship.

Book a tour to check out otherwise off-limits regions of the palace itself, including private quarters, and intimate corners featuring still-preserved mementos of past palace-dwellers. When you’ve had your fill of the palace, venture outside for a stroll down “Wiggly Walk,” a path that cuts through the sensationally maintained Kensington Gardens.

Several historical exhibits also exist onsite, for those looking to learn more about palace culture and local life. As an added bonus, Queen Anne’s Orangery, home to some of the finest English teas, also exists on the grounds.

5. Holland Park

The largest park in the entirety of the Royal Borough is yours for the taking, at one of the finest examples of outdoor recreation available in all of London. Readily accessible by multiple modes of transportation, Holland Park furthermore plays host to the immersive Kyoto Garden, a contribution from Japan in the early 1990s.

Onsite, you’ll find opportunities for tennis, golf, and football, courtesy of their multipurpose courts, recreational fields, and walking and hiking paths! Gardens, playground facilities for smaller children, and food facilities on the grounds means you can easily transform Holland Park into an all-day adventure! The local Ecology Service will also regularly host a wide variety of events in the park itself, from festive holiday activities to social functions and ceremonies. Open from morning until just before dusk, Holland Park is the perfect antithesis to thrill-inducing London attractions, and is serviced by a wide variety of public transportation.

Discover London, Courtesy of Public Transportation

Adventuring through any city is made entirely easier by the provision of dependable, public transportation. Courtesy of the bus, subway, and train accommodations already in place in London, England, visitors and locals alike can discover recreation, history, and art alike, in a city that has taken deliberate measures to account for convenience and safety. Trust London transportation with your travel itinerary, and discovery the very best that the city has to offer, thanks to the proximity of public transportation. For more destination guides, accommodation recommendations, hotels and vacation rentals,  and things to do in London, check out Trip101.