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Which Osaka Airport is best to fly or closest to City?

Kansai International Airport(KIX), Osaka International Airport(Itami), Kobe Airport

Which is airport is closest or easier to get Osaka City

Summary of Osaka City Airports, Japan

Osaka is the largest city in Japan and it has three main airports. Our main objective is to summarize all the information you need to know when considering a trip to Osaka in Japan!

Kansai International Airport (KIX) seats on a man-made island on Osaka Bay it is one of the major airports in Osaka Japan. Osaka International Airport (Itami) is also anothermajor airport, both airports serve a wide range of travellers in and around the world. Major airlines operate national and international flights from these airports. Osaka airport is the closest to the city of Osaka. On the other hand, Kobe Airport also seats on a small island off the coast of Kobe, the airport serves mostly for Domestic purposes only but can handle international flights.

Comparing Which City Airport is Best For Me

Kansai International Airport(KIX)

Osaka International Airport(Itami)

Kobe Airport

    Kansai International Airport(KIX) Osaka International Airport(Itami) Kobe Airport

Getting to Central Osaka Airports from each Airport

Distance from Central Osaka 33 miles (53 kilometres) 17.42 miles (28.04 kilometres) 33.23 miles (53.48 kilometres)
Public Transport General Operating Hours Public transport buses start operating from 2:45 – 23:45 while trains start from 5 am- 23:59. The airport also has ferry services from KIX to Kobe airport. The time for buses may change due to traffic conditions, also, buses only travel to selected locations. Buses operate a 24/7 service while trains run from 5 am to 23:59. Subway trains are also available for public transportation. From 8 am- 22:00 for buses. Bullet trains are also available at selected hours. Travellers can get Bus and Train Passes that covers a whole day. Ferry services are also available to KIX.
Train Train fares start from $7.53 for adults, while children pay$3.76.

Adults pay from $1.69 and $0.85 for children.

How to get to Osaka Airport by Train

From $1.98 for adults and $0.94 for children.

Port Liner takes you directly to the airport in just 18 minutes (16 minutes at its fastest rate).


The buses in Kansai International Airport charge $14.59 for adults and $7.29 for Children. Round trip tickets are also available, they are valid for 14 days only.

Traveling Between Osaka and Kansai International Airport

Osaka International Airport has buses available until midnight. Fares startfrom $1.28 (adults) to $1.04 for children while infants enjoy free rides.

Osaka International Airport Transporter

Only private bus companiesare available at Kobe Airport and they only operate within certain places/locations from one airport to another.
Airport Shuttle Bus

Kansai International Airport has free shuttle buses availableevery 5 minutesfrom Terminal 1, Kansai airport station to Terminal 2 and viceversa.

Kansai Airport Shuttle Bus


Kobe Airport has high-speed buses, airport limousine buses, sightseeing buses available to Sanda, Tarumi, and Miki.

Kobe Airport Shuttle Bus

Taxi / Cab Services The airport has taxi/cab services, they charge $137.03 for medium size cars and $122.85 for small cars. Journey Time: around 50-60 minutes Fare starts from $6.41for a 2km journey and $0.75fare will be added for every 266 meters. Available but fares not defined
How Close to Osaka City, and Top Attractions Kansai International Airport is 53 km away from Osaka, but it is connected to the city centre by road networks and rail, this makes it easy to get into Central Osaka to see top attractions. Some of which include Kyoto- Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine,Kiyomizu-Dera Temple,Geisha and Maiko,Amanohashidate, Miyama and many more. Osaka International Airport is the closest to the city centre with close proximity to top attractions such as the Osaka-Nightlife in Dontobori,Universal Studios in Japan,Osaka Castle,City Streets,Takoyaki-octopus Balls, Minoo Park and many more. Kobe Airport is also far from central Osaka (53.48 km) but it is also connected to the city by route buses, trains and more. It is close to some of the following top attractions such as the Kobe Animal Kingdom,Mt.Maya, Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, Kobe Luminarie,Nunobiki Falls, Rokko Cable Car, Meriken Park and more.

Flight Fares Take from April 30-3-2018

Flight Fares As the major airport in Osaka, major airlines operate from the airport with fares starting from $864 Frankfurt, London,$1,155New York, $864 Paris, $1385 New York, and $1966 Madrid. From $730 Frankfurt,$1,605London,$1,230New York, and $1,605 Paris. From $4,375 Frankfurt, $1,882London,$1,230New York, and $1,605 Paris.
Cost Factor As the main international airport and for the fact its located on an island far from the city, it costs higher than Osaka International and Kobe Airports. Fare starts from $ 17.48for adults and $8.74for children (6-12 years) - one-way trip. Osaka International Airport is cheaper in terms of transportation into the city centre and top attractions but flight fares are sometimes on the high side. Kobe Airport is also built on an island so the cost of transportation into the city centre is high but flight fares are on the lower side compared to Kix and Osaka International Airport.
Airport Delays KIX is one of the busiest airports in Osaka, No Flight delays except due to weather conditions and airway traffic It is the domestic airport linked with Kix Delays in flight happen utmost rarely Security and immigration delay low Avg Security & Immigration Delays: Low Avg Flight Arrival Delays based on weather conditions
Flight Fares Take from April 30-3-2018

Hotel Prices Per Day (20-03-2018 to 26-3-2018) as Searched on -15-3-2018


Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport (4-star):from 145.75$

The Premium Hotel in Rinku (3-star)–starts at $93.70

Reftal Osaka Airport Hotel(3-star): from $86.75

Hotel Mystays Shin Osaka Conference center(3-star) from$38.46

Kobe Motomachi Tokyu REI Hotel(5-star): from $60.73

Hotel Okura Kobe(5-star):from $107.0

Car Hire Companies

Car Hire Cost per 1 week (20-3-2018 to 26-3-2018) and searched on 15-3-2018

Companies That Operate at the Airports

Honda Fit Economy Cars: (61$ to 396$)

Hertz Medium Cars : (72$ to 504$)

Toyota Corolla Intermediate :(72$ to 470$)

Hertz Compact Cars: (78$ to 512$)

Nissan Rent a Car

Times Car Rental

Honda Fit Economy : (61$ to 396$)

Hertz Medium :(77$ to 504$ )

Toyota Corolla Axio Economy:(79$ to 512$)

Toyota corolla Compact Cars: (72$ to 469$)

Nissan Rent a Car

Times Car Rental

Hertz Economy Cars: (65$ to 424$)

Toyota Aqua Medium Cars::(78$ to 504$)

Hertz Intermediate Cars: (79$ to 512$)

Toyota Prius Cars: (93$ to 603$)

Times Car Rental

Online car hire Car Hire Kansai International Airport(KIX) Car Hire Osaka International Airport Car Hire Kobe Airport

Airport Facilities


KIX has some amazing places to shop for incoming and outgoing travellers such as the following:

Terminal 1- KIX Duty-Free main shops in north and south, Les Cosme,CHANEL, LOTTE Duty-Free by KAA,Gucci, HourPassion,Hermes, Omega, Ana Festa,SamanthaThavasa, Chloe and more.

Terminal2 - KIX Duty-Free Shop, Cocokara Fine, Daily Sky, Noren Kansai, Fuchsia by Peach by the International Gate Store.

North Terminal-Kuko Senmon, Gift ShopGracias, Sky Plaza, Sky Conveni, Senka Osaka, Barber Sogawa, Toy Merry, BLUE SKY (departure lobby), and Queen’s Way.

South Terminal-Sky Book, Souvenir Ippindo, Ana Festa, Itami Lobby Shop and more.

Mareniar Book Shop (no.4) in 2F departure and Jasmine for relaxation(no.5).
Eating & Drinking

Terminal 1- Nagomi, Yorozu, Miyabi, Skyspot, and Family Mart.

Terminal-2 Applause, Fuchsia by Peach International Gate Store, KIX, And Hotel NikkoAeroplaza

Sky Patio, Bagel Café, Café Eikokuya, SOEN, Sojibo, Pizza la Express at North Terminal

Sky Patio,551 Horai Café, Andersen, at Café,Starbucks Coffee, Bellie Aile at South Terminal

5 Restaurants and cafes from no.11 to 16 in 3F Nigawai, and 8 tenants (sweets,local products, convenience stores etc.,) in 2F Departures

Terminal 1: KIX Airport Lounge (24 hrs) 2F north, and Business Lounge.

There is none at Terminal 2.

Meeting Room, credit card holder lounges also available. No.17Sky Lounge contrail on the roof and Waiting rooms at 2F departure lobby.
Wi-Fi Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Access Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Access N/A
How many? How to transfer? In Connection time

2 Terminals – T1, T2

There are free shuttle buses from T1 to T2 (duration 10 minutes)

2 Terminals- North, South and also Central Blockobservation deck.

There are no transport facilities between the two terminals.


3F Nigiwai, 2F Departures, 1F Arrivals

No transport facilities at this airport.

Important phone numbers

Medical Centre: 072-456-7185

Police: 072-456-1234

Lost and Found: 072-455-2500

Medical Centre:+81 (0)6-6856-6485.

Police: +81 (0)6-6841-123

Lost and Found:+81(0)6-6856-6685

Phone: 078-304-7777
Major Operating Airlines Air India, Air Asia, Air China, Air France, Air Macau, Air Seoul, Air New Zealand, Shanghai Airlines, Emirates, Delta Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Lufthansa, Jet Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Philippines Airlines, Thai Airways, United Airlines, Vanilla Air, Vietnam Airlines, and Singapore Airlines. Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Ana Wings, Amasuka Airlines, and Ibex Airlines. Air Do, All Nippon Airways,Solaseed Air, and Sky Mark Airlines
Major connecting Destinations Kuala Lumpur, Honolulu, Vancouver, Shanghai, Paris, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Macau, Auckland, Beijing, Manila, Dubai, Cairo, Helsinki, Jakarta, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Taipei, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney, Vladivostok, Singapore, Seoul, and San Francisco. Kumamoto, Fukoko, Fukushima, Miyazaki, Matsuyama, Narita, Nagasaki, Haneda, Akita, and Shizuoka. Sapporo-chitose, Tokyo-Haneda, Naha, Ibaraki, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, and Sendai.
Tourist Info Centres Travellers can get information on tourism in Japan at the Terminal 1(1 F) International arrival floor 26 to 29 counters and at Terminal 2(Near International Arrival) building 27 to 29 counters. N/A 1F Kobe Airport Terminal building arrival lobby, and Hyogo prefecture.
Official airport website https://www.kansai-airport .or.jp/en/ https://www.osaka-airport .co.jp/en/ http://www.kairport.co.jp /eng/index.html

Which Airport is the main International Airport in Osaka?

Kansai International Airport is the main international airport in Osaka, Japan. It handles most of the international and domestic flights in the city.

Are there Car Hire/Cab Services in Osaka Airports?

There are a number of car hire and cab services available at the airports in Osaka such as Toyota, Hertz, Honda, Nissan and Times rent a Car. They all offer the most services to customers based on their various needs.

What Famous and Top Attractions are in Osaka?

There are a lot of wonderful and amazing places to be in Osaka either from KIX, Osaka airport or Kobe airport such as the famous Mt. Maya,

Open Air Museum, Universal Studios Japan, Kobe Animal Kingdom,Negoroji Temple, Izumisano Outdoor Market, Kiyomizu-Dera Temple and much more. Other top attractions in Osaka include Rokkosan Farm, Shinkobe, and Kobe City Oji Zoo.

Which Hotels Are The Best Around The 3 Airports in Osaka?

In KIX: Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport and The Premium Hotel in Rinku.

In Osaka Airport: Reftal Osaka Airport Hotel and Hotel Mystays Shin Osaka Conference Center.

In Kobe Airport: Kobe Motomachi Tokyu REI Hotel and Hotel Okura Kobe.


Top Osaka Attractions Tickets

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