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Which Sao Paulo Airport is best to fly or closest to City?

Viracopos International Airport or São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport or Congonhas-São Paulo Airport

Which is airport is closest or easier to get Sao Paulo City

Summary of Airports In Sao Paulo Brazil

The city of Sao Paulo has three main airports. The Viracopos International Airport which is closer to the city centre of Sao Paulo in Brazil, the Sao Paulo Congonhas internationalairport and the Guarulhos International airport.

Guarulhos International is the main international and the busiest airport of them all, it serves both national and international flights coming in and out within or outside the country. There are various public transport service buses and cars available to take travellers to and from the airport to the city centreand different tourist attractions close to the airport.

Sao Paulo Congonhas is another busy airport which also servesa lot of customers, it has a transport facility with free shuttle busesavailable to take visitors to top tourist attractions, other airports,and the city centreas well.

Comparing Which Sao Paulo Airport Is Best For You

Viracopos International Airport

São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport

Congonhas-São Paulo Airport

    Viracopos International Airport São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport Congonhas-São Paulo Airport

Getting To Sao Paulo From Each Airport

Distance from Central Sao Paulo The distance from Viracopos International Airport to the city centre is 14miles (23 kilometres). 16 miles (25 kilometres). 8 miles (12 kilometres).
Public transport general operating hours The last Airport Bus takes offat 9: 00 pm. Last EMTU bus takes off at 11:15 pm. The Red & Blue buses offer 24 hours services to travellers.
Train N/a N/a N/a
Bus Service

VB Transportesruns frequently every hour from Sao Paulo(Tiete Bus station to Viracopos Airport), adults pay $21.25 farefor 1h: 40 minutes’ journey to the city centre.

Campinas Viracopos Airport Bus Service

The Guarulhos International Airport to Sao Paulo every 15 minutes, from $6.15 as adult farefor a 30 to 40 minutes’journey to the city and top attractions.

Airport Bus Service

Transfers travellers to and from Terminals 1 & 2 with 24/7 servicesfor a 75 minutes’journey at $11.30 adult fare.

How to get to Moorabbin Airport in Mentone by Bus or Train

Airport Shuttle

VB Transportes or Lirabusprovides shuttle services at $13 adult price.

VB Transportes

Shuttle semi bus offers shuttle services from the airport to the city centre at $40 adult price for a journeyof 30 to 50 minutes.

Bus Transportation to Guarulhos Airport

GOL buses provide free shuttle services to all its clients who book a flight using their site. The flight tickets automatically gettravellers and their pets onboard the bus for a 30 minutes trip from Congonhas to Guarulhos airport.

Shuttle Service Between Airports

Taxi / Cab Services Kiwi offers taxi services at the airport with prices ranging from $120 to $250 for anapproximately 1 hour 5 minutes’journey. Kiwi taxi services from $54 for an approximately40 minutes’journey. Kiwi taxi services, at $48 per journey of approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
Uber Taxis You can order an Uber taxi from $151 to $197 for a 1hr:17 minute's journey.
From $38 -$50 for a 38 minute's trip.
From $28-$38 for a 20 minutes’trip to and from the airport.

Which Airport Is Best For Me?

How Close to City Centre / Main Attractions

Viracopos(VCP) is the first international airport in Sao Paulo, Braziland it is far from the city centrein terms of proximity but closer than the Guarulhos airport.

But there are a lot of public transport services available for travellers, such as buses and cabs for a 1hour round trip to see top attractions to and from the city.

Some of the top attractions to see include Parquet Portugal, Capela Swiss Park, Torre do Castelo, Museum of Image and Sound Campinas.

The Guarulhos (GRU) is the second most important airport presently in Sao Paulo,Brazil.

It is the busiest of all the airports, with sufficient public transportation buses and taxi servicesto easily serve travellers.

It is the farthest from the city centre, trips from the airport takes 70mins to the city centre vice versa to top attractions such as Parque Shopping Maia,MatrizCatedealNoss,Internacional Shopping Guarulhos and more.

Congonhas Sao-Paulo international airport(CGH) is the closest of all the airports.

To reach the city centreeasily, there are buses and cabs that taketravellers on a round trip to see top attractions close to the airport.

It takes an hour for each trip to see top attractions with 60 minutes’ escape rooms.Some of these attractions include IbirapueraPark, Sao Lourenco Beach, Bourbon Street Music Club and more.

Flight Fares Take from May 30-3-2018
Flight Fares Flight fares at the Viracopos International Airport start from $608 Frankfurt,$933 London, $112 New York, $1,130 Madrid. From $608 Frankfrut,$933 London, $112 New York, $1,130 Madrid. From $608 Frankfrut,$933 London, $112 New York,$1,130 Madrid.
Airport Delays

Viracopos is a busy airport hence its high delays.

Average Security & Immigration Delays: High

Average Flight Arrival Delays: 30 minutes

As the busiest airport in Brazil, it results in regular security and flight delays.

Average Security & Immigration Delays: High

Average Flight Arrival delays: 50 minutes

Average Security & immigration Delays: High

Average Flight Arrival delays: 2 hours

Hotel Prices Per Day (15-03-2018 to 16-3-2018) And Searched On -10-3-2018


Ramada Hotel AeroportoViracopos (3-star) starting from $75.26

Vitoria Hotel Convention Indaituba (4-star) starting from $107.4

Monreale Hotels Guarulhos-Sao Paulo (3-star) Starting from $58.92

Hotel MatizGuarulhosAeroporto (4-star) starting from $78.03

Slaveiro Slim Congonhas (3-star) starting from $89.92

Nobiles suites Congonhas(4-star) starting from $149.51


Car Hire Cost Per 1 Week (15-3-2018 to 21-3-2018) And Searched On 10-3-2018

Companies Operate

Budget Cars –Ford-$109.56(4 people & 2 bags)

Economy Cars –vwGol-$106.23 (4 people & 2 bags)

Compact Cars - VW Voyage 6-$139.30(5 people & 2 bags)

Intermediate Cars-Sentra - $321.36



Budget Cars –Ford-$109.56(4 people & 2 bags)

Economy Cars –VWGolf-$106.23 (4 people & 2 bags)

Compact Cars - VW Voyage 6-$139.30(5 people & 2 bags)

Intermediate Cars-Sentra - $321.36



Budget Cars –Ford-$109.56(4 people & 2 bags)

Economy Cars –VWGolf -$106.23 (4 people & 2 bags)

Compact Cars - VW Voyage 6-$139.30(5 people & 2 bags)

Intermediate Cars – Sentra-$321.36



Online car hire Car Hire Viracopos International Airport Car Hire Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport Car Hire Congonhas International Airport

Airport Facilities

Shopping Amiamo, Armani Jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans, Chilli Beans, Cyber Express, Diesel- Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, Drugstore, Duty Free, Dufty Shopping, Emporio Do Aco, Fantasia, Flair, Havaianas, Hudson, It Beach, Loft, Massage Express, O Boticario, Puma-Nba-Ray-Ban- Samsonite, Swarovski- Vivara, Tech on The Go, VipWash- Ecological Washing Services, Zee Dog and more. Chilli Beans, Farmais, Puket, Planet Brazil, Havaianas, I King, DrogaRaia, BrasilSouveniers and more. Drugstores:Drogariasao Carlos
Gifts:Dudalina, Dufry shop,EsportsGalicenter,JoalheriaH.Ster, Fatima Rendas,Mormaii,Oticas, Victor Hugo, VipBrinquedoes and more.
Eating & Drinking The airport has refreshment places such as Baio Di Latte, BrasilCacau, Budweiser, Casa Do Pao De Queijo, Casa Do Pao De Queijo, Fran’s Cafe,Giraffas, Grab a Dog, Juice & Toast, Koni, MacarronadaItaliana, Maispipoca, Mc Donald’s, McDonald’s Ice Cream, MestreCervejeiro, Mousse Cake, Napolitano, Nutty Bavarian, Octavio Cafe, Piazzia- Pizzaria&Focacceria, Pizza Crek, Romana Cafe, Seeds Up, Seletti, Spoleto, Starbucks, Subway, Suplicy, Tostex, Umrry Restaurant & Bar and more.


BoB’s Casa Do Pao De Queijo, Heineken


Bacio Di Latte, Baked Potato, BallonCafe,BomSenso, Brunella Ice, Cafe Kopenhagen, Casa Do PaoDe QuEijo, Hineken, Eat & Co, Desfrutti, Cortes, Frangoassado, Mc Donald’s, Mc Donald’s, Mc Cafe, La BonBonniere,


Baked Potato, Adab, BoB’s, Cafe Kopenhagen, Carl's Jr, Casa Bauducco, Casa Do Pao De Queijo, Mr. Cheney and more.

American bar , Backed Potato, Black Coffee, Brunella, Cafe Ritazza, Casa do Paode Queijo, Congonhas Grill, Frontier Beer, Gendai, Lanchonete da Celia, Per Amore, Sp Burger, Viena Group RA and more.
Lounge Lounge Azul, Viracopos VIP Lounge.


International boarding area Domestic Boarding Area-Mezzanine, Outdoor area, Check-in D Side walk



Wi-Fi Access Unlimited Free Wi-Fi Unlimited Free Wi-Fi Unlimited Free Wi-Fi

How Transfer Between Airport Terminals?

Terminal information. How many? How to transfer? Min connection time. Two Terminals: Central Terminal, Ouro Verde Terminal

The airport has 4 main terminals: Terminal 1 (T1)Terminal2 (T2)are for walking passengers to take shuttle buses connectingT4 to all T1 T2, and T3.

The airport has only a single terminal: Unique Terminal (T1).
Currency Exchange, ATMs & cashpoints Currency Exchange: Confidence Cam Bio Currency Exchange: Santander Exchange Foreign Exchange, Casa de Cam Bio, and Santander Exchange.
Important phone numbers

Medical Centre: +55 019 3705-7902

Police:+55 019 3795-8311

Lost and Found: +55 019 3795-7980 / +55 019 3795-7241

Emergency: +55112445-3786

Police: +55 11 5090 9032

Lost and Found: +55 11 5090 9013

Major airlines Operating TAM Brazilian Airlines, TAP Portugal, Amazonas Paraguay, Azul LinhasAereas, Latam Airlines, and GOL LinhasAereasInteligentes. TAM Brazilian Airlines, United Airlines, Lan Airlines, American Airlines, Aerolineas Argentina’s, KLM, Delta Air Lines, Tap Portugal, US Airways, and BMI. LATAM, NHT, TAP Portugal, Web Jet, and Pant Anal.
Major connecting Destinations London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, and East Midlands. New York, Paris, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Singapore, Rome, Manchester, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Dubai, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Orlando Miami, Chicago, Toronto, and Tenerife. London, Beijing, Frankfurt, Madrid, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Seoul, Hong Kong, Paris, Toronto, Seoul, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Shanghai.
Tourist Information
Tourist Info Centres Travellers can get Tourism Information at the airport terminals. Tourism Information Centre at T1 and T2. Get Tourism Information by calling the front deskon +55 11 5090 9000.
Official airport website http://www.viracopos.com/home.html http://www.gru.com.br/ http://www.infraero.com.br.

Which is the main airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil?

Guarulhos International airport is the main international airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Which of the is three airports arecloser to all the nearest attractions located in the city centre?

Guarulhos International Airport, Sao Paulo, is connected with some of the major hotels, tourist attractions, and most of the major airlines in Brazil operate from this airport as well. It is very close to several buses, taxi/car, and shuttle companies. These shuttle companies offer transportation to and from the airport. The GRU is located in the district of Cumbicain the greater metropolitan area of the Sao Paulo,connecting itdirectly with major Highways.

Based on cost factors which airport charges high flight fares?

Viracopos International Airport charges higher flight fares when compared to CGH, and GRU by 30%– 40%more than the remaining airports.

Which airport is closer to the central city?

Congonhas-Sao Paulo Airport is very close to the central city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Which are the best hotelsnear the airports?

At VCP: Ramada Hotel AeroportoViracopos(2.9km). It provides free private parking, free Wi-Fi, Fabulousfitnesscentre, restaurant, non-smoking rooms, bar, good breakfastand pets allowed.

At GRU: Hotel Matiz Guarulhos Aeroporto(2.8km). This hotel provides free airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi, private parking, good fitness centre, bar and good breakfast, non-smoking room, and pets are also allowed.

At CGH: PusadaCircuito dos Inconfidentes(1.1). It offers free Wi-Fi, private parking, good coffee, swimming pool, superb breakfast, rooms with balcony and great city views.

Which airport has traffic problems for public transportation?

CGH has serious traffic problems using public transport from the airport because of Sao Paulo’s unpredictable traffic on the road to the airport.

Which airports Immigration Processes takes longer?

Due to high-security issues and other risk factors,the Congonhasairport in Sao Paulo has high Immigration Processes. This results in60-120 minute delays, so travellers are advised to arrive 2-3 hours before their flight for check-in processes.

What are the best tourist places closer to the airports?

At VCP: The MuseuPaulista of the University of São Paulo (commonly known in São Paulo and all Brazil as Museu do Ipiranga), is a Brazilian history museum located near the airport. The most famous work of art in the history museum is the 1888 painting collection of the IndependênciaouMorte(Independence or Death) by Pedro Américo. The museum was built by TommasoGaudenzioBezzi, an Italian architect in 1884, it was built the same way as the French Palace of Versailles with perfectly mowed gardens and beautiful fountains. It’s a sight to see in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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