Architecture Tour Old Madrid, from the Arabs to the Borbons, trough the Austrias

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clock180 to 200 minutes


    We propose that you learn more about the origins of the city from the urban, historical and architectural point of view since the arabs founded it at the end of the 9th century, following with the conquest of the city by Alfonso VI of Castilla in the 11th century or the moment when Felipe II decided to fix the capital in Madrid, in 1561. We will begin in front of the Royal Palace, reviewing its history since the Arabs built the Alcázar, the defensive castle when Madrid was founded till the moment Felipe V ordered to built the Royal Palace as we know today. From there, we will learn more about the history of the Cathedral and the the new Royal Collections Museum designed by Tuñón and Mansilla. We will enjoy the only rests we have of the Walls built by the arabs. Crossing the Viaduct of Segovia, we will enjoy the views of the forest called Casa de Campo, the green lung, three times bigger than Central Park, the King’s private hunting site until 1931 and a Civil War front, stopping at a viewpoint from which we will enjoy the views of part of the cornice of Madrid. We will continue the walk trough La Latina where the muslims lived for centuries. Walking throught these old small streets and squares we will arrive to Plaza de la Paja where we will find the Palace of the Vargas and the Church of San Andrés where San Isidro were buried, close to the Museum of San Isidro. We will continue our walk discovering some of the rests of the Christian walls built in the XIIth century. Crossing Cava Baja full of old taverns and bars of tapas, we will arrive to the Square of Puerta Cerrada, one of the old gates of the old city. Mercado de San Miguel will be other of one stops where you could have a drink and tapas after visiting Plaza de la Villa where the old City Hall of the city is located. From there you will learn the history of Plaza Mayor, the best example of castillians squares, built 400 years ago.

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