Top Attractions In Cambridge For Free

Cambridge is a prestigious university city in the east of England, UK and is renowned for being an incredibly historic city.

There’s so many college campuses to explore, ancient churches, sprawling meadows, plus numerous museums and galleries to visit too.

If you’re planning a trip to the famous UK city, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best free attractions in Cambridge, as well as the top paid activities too.

Hopefully you’ll find plenty of inspiration of the best paid and free things to do in Cambridge throughout this post!

Free Things To Do in Cambridge

1. Evensong at King’s College (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Evensong at King’s College is arguably one of the most famous free attractions in Cambridge; so much so that it’s actually broadcast by the BBC at Christmas time!

This special event is set inside the King’s College Chapel of one of the most prestigious campuses in Cambridge University and is something that many people love to get involved with.

It’s hard to believe that such a famous and beloved tradition is actually free, but spaces do fill up very quickly, so make sure you check on the website beforehand to ensure you can go and take part!

Evensong at King’s College probably isn’t something you’d take children to but if you want to partake in a Cambridge university tradition, make sure you check the availability well in advance.

Address: King's Parade, Cambridge CB2 1ST, United Kingdom

2. Museum of Zoology (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

The Museum of Zoology is another fantastic free attraction in Cambridge that the whole family can enjoy.

After undergoing a recent refurbishment, the Museum of Zoology is now bigger and better than ever!

Housing more than 10,000 artefacts, collections and exhibits, the Museum of Zoology is a great place to learn about a plethora of species and see how evolution played its part in the development of many species.

The museum also includes several species that were founded by Charles Darwin!

You can also see a giant skeleton of a fin whale at the entrance of the Museum of Zoology, so you know that it’s going to be a fun-filled couple of hours right from the start!

Address: Downing St, Cambridge CB2 3EJ, United Kingdom

3. Cambridge Market Square (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

If you’re looking for a taste of the local and eclectic culture and community that the city offers, then the Cambridge Market Square is certainly the place to be!

The Market Square is open every single day of the week, so regardless of when you visit Cambridge, you’ll still be able to experience this incredible open-aired market.

Cambridge Market Square is renowned for being the best place in the city to pick up plenty of locally sourced, homegrown produce.

You’ll find scrumptious fruit and vegetables, handmade arts and crafts, plus local souvenirs that you can take home with you to remind you of your trip.

However, you don’t actually have to spend a penny to enjoy the Cambridge Market Square; simply just wandering around, chatting to the local stall vendors and soaking up the community atmosphere is an enjoyable experience in itself.

Address: Market Street, Cambridge CB2 3QJ, England

4. Grantchester Meadows (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

If you’re looking to get out of the city centre for a little while and find some space where the kids can run around freely, then there’s no better free attraction in Cambridge than Grantchester Meadows.

These meadows are an idyllic place to visit in Cambridge all year round as there’s plenty of season-appropriate activities to enjoy.

During the warmer months, you can take a picnic along to the riverbanks of Grantchester Meadows and enjoy a family-friendly afternoon of tucking into delicious snacks. You can also watch punters make their way down the river too!

In the colder months, you’ll be able to see the autumnal leaves falling and then as the temperatures get cooler, you can crunch your way through the leaves!

Address: Cambridge CB2 4AG, England

5. Wren Library (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Another place that’s located on one of Cambridge University’s college campuses; Wren Library is also one of the most historically significant places in the city.

Dating all the way back to 1695, Wren Library is full of ornate antique furniture and décor.

The library is also home to numerous first editions of some of the most prestigious works of literature in the world.

History and science fans will love to spot the first editions of Isaac Newton, and you can also try and spot the first original copy of Winnie the Pooh as well!

The Wren Library might not be a free attraction in Cambridge that’s suited to everyone’s tastes, but it is a truly beautiful and historically prevalent place in the city.

Address: Cambridge CB2 1TJ, United Kingdom

6. Wandlebury Country Park (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

For another spectacular free attraction in Cambridge that provides ample open space, completely free of charge all year-round, you need to add a visit to Wandlebury Country Park to your Cambridge travel itinerary.

Wandlebury Country Park is a stunning woodland area that’s home to tall trees, winding paths and lush meadows.

Regardless of the time of year you visit, you’ll get to see Wandlebury Country Park in all its glory no matter the season.

Wandlebury Country Park arguably looks the most beautiful during the autumn months when all the trees are donned in rich colours, but it’s also the perfect place to take the kids in the summer so they can run around with wild abandonment!

Address: Wandlebury Ring, Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge CB22 3AE, United Kingdom

7. Quayside (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Another place that’s rich in life and community almost all year-round in Cambridge is the Quayside side of the city.

This riverside area of Cambridge is known for its lovely pubs, great beer gardens and lovely views over the river.

You’ll also likely see the occasional punter sauntering past as they traverse down the river, through the beautiful Cambridge countryside.

Quayside really comes alive in the warmer months when locals and tourists alike flock to the riverside to indulge in a few afternoon beverages in the glorious summer sunshine.

Kids are sure to love this area of the city too as there’s usually always a dog walker wandering past who’s adorable puppy they can pet and cuddle!

Address: CB58AB, Cambridge

8. Eagle Pub (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

For an incredibly historical and educationally prevalent place in Cambridge, make sure you’ve got a visit to the Eagle pub on your to-do list.

The Eagle pub dates all the way back to 1667 and is one of the oldest pubs in the city.

It’s a popular drinking spot for both locals, students and tourists who all want to indulge in a light afternoon beverage and some scrumptious pub food.

The Eagle is also known as the place that James Watson and Francis Crick announced the discovery of DNA and you can also see the graffiti-covered ceilings where RAF men used to add scribbles during the war!

This is definitely a free attraction in Cambridge that you need to visit and even if you don’t want to buy anything while you’re in the pub, it’s still worth a little nosey anyway.

Address: 8 Bene't St, Cambridge CB2 3QN, United Kingdom

9. Castle hill (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

While Cambridge is more known for being a relatively flat city, there is one place that juts out taller than the rest.

Castle hill is just a couple of minutes’ walk from the city centre and is renowned as being the best place in the city to watch sunset.

From the top of the hill, you can enjoy watching the city slowly transform into darkness as the last of the golden rays disappear off into the horizon.

It’s not exactly an easy feat trekking to the top of Castle hill, but it is well worth it for those magnificent views.

Castle hill is probably best suited to couples visiting Cambridge who want to steal a couple of minutes of romantic alone time as they watch the sun go down.

Address: Castle St, Cambridge CB3 0RG, United Kingdom

10. Millpond (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

The Millpond area of the city is a definite must-visit while in Cambridge.

It’s yet another place in the city where you can enjoy beautiful open spaces, lush meadows and grazing cows making their way around the fields.

There’s also numerous pubs and restaurants to enjoy if you’re in the mood for a lunchtime snack, or you can save your money and bring a picnic along to enjoy at the side of the pond instead.

During the summer months, the Millpond is a popular place with locals who jump in to cool off after a day in the sunshine.

Millpond is a truly wonderful area to visit with kids as there’s plenty of activities that they can get up to!

Address: Cambridge, UK


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