Top Attractions In Krakow For Free

Did you know that the entire Old Town area of Krakow is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

It’s often cited as one of the best European city breaks, especially in recent years, thanks to its awesome culture, incredible food scene and eclectic and intriguing historic past.

It’s a city that’s been through a lot, particularly in the last 100 years, which is why a trip to Krakow is an important excursion to embark on.

There’s plenty of things to see and do in Krakow and if you’ve got no idea of where to start when it comes to planning a trip to the south Poland city, we’ve got just the travel guide for you!

Below, you’ll find a list of the 10 best free attractions in Krakow, as well as the top-rated paid attractions in Krakow to help you plan a truly memorable trip!

Free Things To Do in Krakow

1. Royal Route/Road (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Without a doubt one of the best free things to do in Krakow is to walk the Royal Route, sometimes referred to as the Royal Road.

As the apt name suggests, this route takes you along some of the top historical attractions and monuments in the city.

Beginning in the historic Old Town of Krakow, the route takes you along where royal parades and processions used to take place, all the way up to Wawel Hill and Castle.

Along the way, you’ll pass through top sights in Krakow such as the Florianska Gate, the Medieval Square and St. Mary’s Church, as well as the remarkable Town Hall Tower.

The Royal Route is an idyllic excursion for the whole family to enjoy while in Krakow and it’s a lovely and informative way to spend an afternoon in the city.

Address: Old Town to Wawel Castle

2. Main Market Square (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Site of the Old Town in Krakow is home to Rynek GÅ‚owny, or the Market Square as it’s more commonly known.

It is the largest medieval market square in Europe and features numerous monuments that were prominent during the medieval times.

Nowadays, you’ll find a plethora of hip eateries, bars, restaurants and quaint cafés where you can enjoy a morning coffee before heading off to explore some of the market stalls.

The Main Market Square is arguably best visited during the festive season as it’s where the annual Christmas Market is held; and it’s said to be one of the best festive markets in Europe!

We’d recommend visiting the Market Square with the whole family as there’s sure to be something everyone can enjoy from the dozens of stalls that line the square.

Address: Rynek GÅ‚owny, Krakow, Poland

3. Ojcow National Park (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

The Ojcow National Park is actually the smallest national park in Poland, but it’s also arguably one of the most impressive.

You could easily spend a couple of day trips visiting the park as there’s so much to see and do.

The whole family will enjoy a trip to Ojcow, and you can see the famous White Hand Rocks, which are incredibly cool rock formations, as well as numerous caves and carvings along the way.

Ojcow National Park is also home to a number of castles and plenty of walking trails, so you certainly won’t run out of fun things to do while you’re there!

If you’re looking for a more relaxed free activity in Krakow, then make sure you’ve added Ojcow National Park to your travel itinerary!

Address: Ojcow 9, 32-045 Sułoszowa, Poland

4. Planty Park (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Planty Park is another family-friendly spot in Krakow as it offers an impressive 5 acres of vast open space for kids to run around in and adults to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the beatific gardens.

Nestled away just around the corner from the Old Town, Planty Park is a great stop on your trip to Krakow as you can visit two top city landmarks in one go.

During the warmer months, you’ll find fascinating street performers and musicians putting on a show for the crowds.

Whereas during the winter, the park is a little quieter so it’s an idyllic place to spend an hour or two walking around in the afternoon if you need a little break from the main city buzz.

Address:31-041 Krakow, Poland

5. Fragment of Ghetto Wall (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Krakow is renowned for its dark and ominous Jewish history and it’s actually one of the places in Europe that suffered heavily during the Nazi rule in WW2.

History fanatics will want to visit the Fragment of the Ghetto Wall, where you can see the temporary living spaces for thousands of Jews before they were sent to the concentration camps or immediately put to death.

This free attraction in Krakow is certainly not a jolly experience, but it is an incredibly important part of the city’s history and it’s important to learn about the horrors of what happened so we can understand and learn from those terrible tragedies.

Only parts of the Ghetto Walls remain, and you can still see engravings from the victims of the events that happened there.

Address:30 548, Lwowska 29, 30-548 Krakow, Poland

6. Wawel Hill and Castle (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

For one of the best free attractions in Krakow, make sure you have Wawel Hill listed on your things to do in the city!

There’s plenty of things to see and explore in Wawel Hill, which sits proudly atop the banks of the Vistula; a place that was once home to the Polish Monarchy.

Today, you can explore the Debnicki Bridge for spectacular views of the Wawel Castle, as well as exploring some parts of the Castle for yourself.

One thing to note about Wawel Hill is that not absolutely everything is free, and you will have to pay to see attractions such as the Cathedral Museum and the Royal Tombs.

However, the best things are free to see, such as the Wawel Castle, and the Dragon’s Den.

Address:Wawel 5, 31-001 Krakow, Poland

7. Rakowicki Cemetery (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

A slightly more sombre free attraction in Krakow, yet still one that shouldn’t be missed; Rakowicki Cemetery is set upon an astounding 42 hectares of land.

Here, you’ll find thousands of tombstones, graves and mausoleums created by various artists and constructed in many different sizes, shapes and styles.

It’s definitely not a place that’s recommended with kids in tow, but if you’re interested in an alternative side to Krakow, then the Rakowicki Cemetery makes for an interesting addition to your Krakow to-do list.

If you happen to be visiting Krakow in November, make sure you head to the cemetery on the 1st of November to see the whole place lit up with candles in celebration for All Saints Day.

Address:Rakowicka 26, 31-510 Krakow, Poland

8. Vistula riverbank (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

What you need to know:

If you’re looking for a free activity in Krakow that’s popular with the locals, then there’s no better place to hang out than the Vistula Riverbank.

Here you’ll be free to stroll along the bank of the river or even cycle along the path at your own pace.

Kids will enjoy waving to all the water trams and tourist boats that pass by and adults can enjoy a leisurely stroll, while admiring the beautiful flower beds that line the river during the warmer months.

Consider packing a picnic for the whole family and head to a patch of grass right next to the river where you can enjoy a lovely lunch while appreciating the beautiful views around you.

Address: Krakow, Poland

9. Krakus Mound (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

What you need to know:

For a another alternative free activity in Krakow, you need to head to the top of Krakus Mound where you’ll be greeted with the advantage of admiring the city from the highest point in Krakow.

Krakus Mound is considered to be the oldest structure in Krakow and is thought to date all the way back to prehistoric times!

Did you know that the city of Krakow is actually named after the mythical founder of Krakow; King Krakus The Mound is believed to be his resting place!

There’s not really an awful lot of “things” to actually do at Krakus Mound so it might not be the most entertaining place for kids to hang out, but it does offer incredible views of Krakow!

Address:30-543 Krakow, Poland

10. Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Another one of the best free attractions in Krakow, and yet still one that’s relatively off the beaten path is the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec.

Situated along the Vistula Riverbank (so you can visit this place as part of your stroll along the river!), the Tyniec Abbey is a historic Monastery built from limestone.

The tiny village has a medieval feel to it, and it dates all the way back to the 11th Century!

It’s an ideal place for history fans to visit as it offers up plenty of remarkable Polish history and it makes for a beautiful place to take pictures to commemorate your trip to Krakow.

It sits proudly on top of a small hill, looking down on the river below and it really is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the city.

Address: Benedyktyńska 37, 30-398 Krakow, Poland


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