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Cheap Day Trips from Palma

Do you have few days of vacation in Palma city? Or you want to judiciously maximize your staying days in Palma? Then these Palma day trips are for you. These day trips will design your day with specific and maximum exploration of certain attractions and regions of the Palma city. So on our list, you will not only come across the best Palma day trips, you will also come across related ones like: day trips in Palma by coach, cheap Palma day trips, guided day trips from Palma, Palma day excursions and many more. All aimed at giving you the best vacation experience. Some of these day trips options include: Mountains‚ Villages‚ and a Hidden Beach Day Tour from Palma‚ The Charms of Palma de Mallorca Private Day Trip‚ Drach Caves & Traditional Village Day Trip‚ Hams Caves with Porto Cristo and pearl Shop Mallorca Half Day Tour‚ Soller Port with Train and Tram Mallorca Half Day Trip and many more.

However our best day trips in Palma were picked and we are still picking based on beneficial features and interesting attributes for travelers. Features like good professional guide, instant confirmation of ticket, nice comments/reviews from travelers, budget – friendly prices, no hidden charges, discounted combos, availability, easy booking, high star rating, beneficial includes and recommendation from top suppliers. Obviously in our list, you will see most of Palma main attractions for example: The Cultured Capital City of Palma de Mallorca‚ Alcudia’s Old Town‚ Puerto Portals: A Glamorous Seaside Resort‚ The Hilltop Town and Monastery of Valldemossa‚ Soller’s Beautiful Seaside Scenery‚ etc. Furthermore, each day trips in Palma picked have been loaded with the right information and description for you to have the best knowledge of what to look forward before embarking on them. The bests have been set for you, just go below to pick the option that satisfies your taste.

Mallorca Full Day Tour by Train, Tram and Boat

1. Mallorca Full Day Tour by Train, Tram and Boat

clock Duration: 8 to 10 ho
  • This activity is a discovery tour of Mallorca Island from land and sea.
  • Travelers explore the island by bus, boat, tram and train.
  • The tour is conceived to take travelers from the sea to the mountains.
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Palma Bay: Catamaran Sailing Day with Meal included

2. Palma Bay: Catamaran Sailing Day with Meal included

clock Duration: 5 hours
  • A five hour catamaran excursion along the coast of Mallorca, with lots of swimming, drinks and great food!
  • The island of Mallorca is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea which makes for a great spot for sailing.
  • It's an alternative day out and a different mode of transport that's both adventurous and fun!
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Mallorca Evening Tour: Horseback Riding, Dinner and Dance

3. Mallorca Evening Tour: Horseback Riding, Dinner and Dance

clock Duration: 7 hours
  • A seven hour horseback excursion at Rancho Grande that includes a countryside hack, a barbecue feast and live music with line dancing.
  • Rancho Grande is one of Mallorca's most prominent riding schools and offers comprehensive lessons all year round for locals and tourists alike.
  • Thanks to the beautiful countryside and
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Full Day Hidden Corners of Mallorca Tour

4. Full Day Hidden Corners of Mallorca Tour

clock Duration: 8 hours
  • An eight hour guided tour of Mallorca and it's surrounding coastline, beaches and countryside that makes use of coaches, boats, trams and trains.
  • It's a great way to enjoy epic views of the island from aboard a boat at sea.
  • A perfect way to visit the Tramuntana Mountains, a stunning mountain range listed as a UNESCO World
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Mallorca Off the Beaten Track

5. Mallorca Off the Beaten Track

clock Duration: 8 hours
  • An eight hour panoramic coastal tour discovering some of Mallorca's best coastlines, beaches and mountain ranges by coach and on foot.
  • Both the west and east coast of Mallorca is home to beautiful winding coastline, bustling artisan markets and seaside towns home to restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine.
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Mallorca Palma Bay Boat Trip with Lunch

6. Mallorca Palma Bay Boat Trip with Lunch

clock Duration: 9 hours
  • A cruise aboard the Catamaran along the coast of Mallorca with two stops.
  • During the tour, the boat stops at Portals Vells or Cala Vella for swimming and snorkeling in its waters.
  • A trip where you explore the coves of Mallorca.
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Mountains, Villages, and a Hidden Beach Day Tour from Palma

7. Mountains, Villages, and a Hidden Beach Day Tour from Palma

clock Duration: 7 hours 30
  • A journey thorough the mountains and beautiful nature of Mallorca Island.
  • The tour introduces historical villages of the island and, potentially, its wildlife.
  • A visit to a splendid beach that remains secret is part of the day trip, too.
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Cuevas Dels Hams Tour Mallorca

8. Cuevas Dels Hams Tour Mallorca

clock Duration: Around 1:3
  • Caves of Hams is one of the top tourist attractions on Mallorca, offering a glimpse into the far and more recent natural history.
  • Since the caves feature different climate from the rest of the island, they boast different vegetation.
  • Besides stunning natural formations, visitors enjoy interactive contents and artistic
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Mallorca Full-Day Tour with Porto Cristo and Pearl Shop

9. Mallorca Full-Day Tour with Porto Cristo and Pearl Shop

clock Duration: 8 to 9 hou
  • Discover 3 wonders of Mallorca and the pearl shop on a full day tour.

    1. Hams Caves Discovered in the 19th century, offers some of the most...
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Drach Caves with Port Cristo and Pearl Shop Mallorca Full Day Tour

10. Drach Caves with Port Cristo and Pearl Shop Mallorca Full Day Tour

clock Duration: 8 to 9 hou
  • The Drach Caves are among the most visited in Europe and many consider them the 8th Wonder of the World. The Lake Martel, one of the largest...
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FAQs about Palma Day Trips & Excursions

What is the best way to tour outside the Palma?

Palma day trips are special, professionally-guided tours which are designed to take you on long hour trips outside Palma city or sometimes combine various Palma main attractions together at a low cost just to occupy your day with fun-filled moments and interesting activities.

Tripindicator did a thorough research to provide the best Palma day trips by comparing features like easy booking, price – friendliness and also carefully reading all travellers reviews and feedback - subsequently following FAQs about Palma Day trips.

How much is a Day tour from Palma?

Palma day trips are trips that take you on a day exploration inside or outside a city. They vary in days (including: Palma multiple day tour, day trips outside Palma city, day trips in Palma city), and varies also in prices based on type of Palma day trips starting from €8.00 to €850.00.

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