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Budapest Parliament, also known as the Hungarian Parliament Building, is a neo-gothic structure, and the third-largest parliament building in the world. The Budapest Parliament building lies in Lajos Kossuth Square and it is known for its amazing architecture and is the largest building in Hungary. The building style is a magical blend of Gothic Revival Architecture and Renaissance Revival architecture, which makes up for its tourist attractions and over 600,000 yearly visitors from all parts of the world. The parliament is adorned with good, 90 stone statues and several unique figurines and designs.

Guided tours in the Hungarian Parliament building enable visitors to access the landmark with an experienced tour guide who will enlighten visitors of the building's history and architectural displays. On Private tours in the Hungarian Parliament building, visitors can tour through the space at their convenience and get acquainted with the landmark's spectacular views. Skip the line tours and tickets into the Hungarian Parliament building allows visitors quick and easy entry into the landmark without the need of waiting in line. With different discount tickets, visitors will enjoy affordable offers and can buy online tickets for more explicit deals.

Our expert tea at Tripindicator have selected some of the best tour tickets for visitors to enjoy while also getting access to the best combination deals at affordable rates. The Hungarian Parliament or Budapest Parliament standard ticket table is displayed below.

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Adult ticket €20.82
Student ticket €11.56
Student EU Citizens ticket €5.78
EU Citizens ticket €13.30

See below a brief description of various handpicked Budapest Parliament Tour & Tickets.

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Budapest Parliament Tour Including Hotel Pick-Up

1. Budapest Parliament Tour Including Hotel Pick-Up

clock Duration: 1 hour 30
  • A 45 minute guided tour around Hungary's impressive Parliament building, considered to be one of the cities finest displays of neo-gothic architecture.
  • It's actually the third-largest parliament building in the world and is built in the Gothic Revival style.
  • The building, designed by Hungarian architect Imre Steindl,
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Parliament & Grand City Tour

2. Parliament & Grand City Tour

clock Duration: 4 hours 30
  • Do not hesitate to visit the most important monuments and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Budapest!
    We show you our Parliament’s building, the symbol of Hungary. You take a guided tour of 50 minutes.
    The tour continues from the parliament.
    First we drive to the Gellért Hill (Citadel) and show you the most spectacular view of...
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Budapest Parliament Visit and 3-hour City Tour

3. Budapest Parliament Visit and 3-hour City Tour

clock Duration: 4 hours 30
  • Combine a comprehensive tour of Budapest sightseeing with a fascinating guided tour of the city's spectacular Parliament House, Hungary's largest building. Your half-day tour includes entrance fees, hotel pickup and a local guide to point out all the important...
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Full day Private Budapest city tour with lunch and Parliament interior visit

4. Full day Private Budapest city tour with lunch and Parliament interior visit

clock Duration: 6 hours
  • Take a full day informative private city tour with a perfect guide and then enjoy a delicious lunch with a drink in the famous Castle district.

    Explore the neo-Gothic Hungarian Parliament Building,visit the National Assembly hall, and Holy Crown inside.

    Enjoy a more personal tour experience on this private trip

    Admire the...
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Entrance to Hungarian Parliament with Guide in Budapest

5. Entrance to Hungarian Parliament with Guide in Budapest

clock Duration: 40 to 60 m
  • Admire Europe's Most Beautiful Parliament from the inside!
    We'll take you around a 45-minute tour and tell you the history of the Parliament in different languages(English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian,...
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Parliament Tour in Budapest with Audio Guide

6. Parliament Tour in Budapest with Audio Guide

clock Duration: 45 to 75 m
  • If you are in Budapest, you must visit the Parliament, as it is Budapest's number one attraction.

    We provide an excellent service with audio guided tours.

    You can walk inside the walls of the Parliament and learn the full history of the building, an unmissable experience in...
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Budapest Grand City Tour with Parliament Visit

7. Budapest Grand City Tour with Parliament Visit

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • Join our Grand City Tour and see the most important attractions of Budapest. Enjoy the panoramic view from the hills of Buda and see the main sights on the Pest side. Finally, have a look at the interior of the Parliament with a professional, local...
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Parliament Tour and Dinner & Cruise with Live Music

8. Parliament Tour and Dinner & Cruise with Live Music

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • The most notable icon of Budapest invites you for a must-have sightseeing event. Explore the Hungarian Parliament Building during the day before embarking on a fabulous Live Music Dinner Cruise through the illuminated River Danube! Have an unforgettable day in Budapest! Enjoy a delicious day in Budapest with stunning sights, amazing places and...
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Budapest Parliament is an unmissable attraction of the capital of Hungary featuring grand design and symbols of the Hungarian national identity. In short, the size and abundance of works of art make it nearly impossible for travelers to get to know this top attraction of the city without a Budapest Parliament guided tour. And there are several interesting Hungarian Parliament tours & tickets options among which you can choose to gain a better understanding of the Hanigan Parliament, the city and the nation itself.

FAQs about Hungarian Parliament

Why Is Budapest Parliament(Parliament of Hungary) So Famous / Important?

Hungarian Parliament, commissioned in 1885 in Budapest, was the symbol of the Hungarian aspirations toward independence from Austria. Albeit part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire since 1867, poor Hungary was tied to the wealthy Austrian Empire long before the formal unification. As the lower and middle Hungarian classes rose to prominence thanks to trade and the advancement of technology, their influence also increased. That resulted in their ability to make their own constitution and commission the parliament. Construction of the parliament began in 1885 according to the designs of Imre Steindl, who took British Houses of Parliament as an inspiration. The monumental venue was completed in 1902, remaining the largest Hungarian building ever since.

Featuring neo-Gothic architecture and Renaissance and Baroque details, the Hungarian Parliament stands at the bank of the Danube River in Pest. Dominated by slender spires and ornate decoration, the Budapest Parliament houses Hungarian crown jewels and crown in the Cupola Hall beneath the imposing dome. Statues of celebrated Hungarians decorate the most important hall of the parliament, too. Monumental stairway, featuring Corinthian columns, Byzantine elements and Renaissance details, is another highlight of the majestic structure.

Ranked as the second top attraction of Budapest on TripAdvisor, the Parliament of Hungary has an average rate of 4.5 by almost 36,500 reviews. The majority of the reviewers describe the landmark as incredible both during the day and night. Guided tours of the parliament building are available, introducing its highlights. In recent years, around 600,000 travelers visit the Budapest Parliament every year.

15 Budapest Parliament Facts

  1. Parliament of Hungary is one of the few largest parliament buildings throughout the world. The proportions of the immense structure are 268 x 118 x 96 meters (length x width x height).
  2. Renaissance dome is the tallest (96 meters) and most dominant feature of the landmark.
  3. The monumental stairway inside the structure has 96 stairs.
  4. Although incomplete, the Parliament was inaugurated in 1896, marking the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian settlement of the area. That's why the number 96 had a great symbolism during the construction of the venue.
  5. The main architect of the parliament building didn't get to see his masterpiece completed. Before he died in 1902, in the very year when the structure was completed, he went blind.
  6. Hungarian crown dates back to 1,000 AD. Then, it was presented to Saint Stephen, the last Hungarian prince who became the first Hungarian king.
  7. According to certain data, the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) in London was an inspiration for the designs of the Budapest Parliament. If you take a look at the building from the other side of the Danube (from Buda), you may notice similarities.
  8. Hanigan Parliament requires almost constant reconstruction, which makes it very expensive for maintaining.
  9. Soft limestone used to dominate the exterior of the parliament in the first decades of the landmark's existence. However, it was easy to damage, which led to its substitution by hard limestone after WWII.
  10. Hard limestone, on the other hand, is susceptible to pollution, achieving grey coloring. Because of this and other reasons, maintaining the Parliament of Hungary is an ongoing and costly work, rendering the parliament the most expensive structure for maintenance in Hungary.
  11. One of the most turbulent events that took place at the Budapest Parliament was the uprising against the oppressive Soviet regime in 1956. The Soviets opened fire, killing many rebels in the process.
  12. Some sections of the exterior still feature bullet scars as a reminder of the Soviet tyranny.
  13. Hungarian Parliament has 365 towers and 242 sculptures, of which 88 decorate the interior.
  14. The total weight of the golden leaves ornamenting the parliament weighs 40 kg.
  15. Walking every stairway inside the Budapest Parliament would be quite a treck. Their total length is around 20 kilometers.